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TESV - Sons of Skyrim


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Upon release date (11.11.11), I was totally overwhelmed by the beauty and freedom of The Elder Scrolls 5 - Skyrim. As always, Bethesda delivers with an astonishing theme song few games can even come close to. Older fans will instantly recognize its lineage as being an inherent Morrowind "Call of Magic" arrangement. Its vocal nature truly amazed me and I used much previously gained knowledge to create my very own vocal "Sons of Skyrim" arrangement. Many block chords and mastering further, it is finished. I may not have the budget to hire a choir, though I can at least pretend it's real. It was not my intention to make an "Overclocked Remix", this is merely my tribute to Skyrim's themesong.

Original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S44YlJFh8Sw

Arrange: http://soundcloud.com/ravensjig/reiuyi-skyrim

All criticism or commentary is welcome~!

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Where is AKHTS :9? I think the choir sounds good overall. The song feels a little empty at times with mostly the choir there, which might have been your intention?

Akhts was absent when I put this together. Well, more like busy with something else, at that moment. Thank you for listening to the song and giving your opinion. It's really as is XD; ice-cold vocals for an ice-cold game

Hey. It's very over-compressed. The choir is louder than the accompaniment. A sense of rhythm and structure seems to be somewhat abandoned in this, and it seems a bit messy as a result of that and the overcompression. And it is somewhat of a straight cover. Off to a good start here though. :-D

Also thank you for listening and taking the time to write that comment out! I feel entitled to use this much dynamic compression; following in the footsteps of many great orchestra/choir arrangers such as Morrigan and TsfH. I'll take your other points into account during a next track~

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