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"Of Mind and Body" - A Science Fiction story I wrote

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Oh wow, it's been, like, a while since I've come round these parts. Grad school will do that to you, I guess.

I just finished up my first semester at Georgetown's Communication, Culture & Technology program. The final assignment for my Network Technologies & Society class was to write a science fiction story using a number of the words and concepts we had discussed in class (that's what the underlined words are, before anyone asks). As some of you may know, I've had a story idea kicking around my skull for years, so I took this opportunity to finally put my fingers to the keys and write a condensed version. If you have an interest in technology, properties of the brain, or just want to support me, I think you'll find it an entertaining read.

However, since the thing is 25+ pages long, there is no way in the Higgs-Boson I am posting it here. So we're gonna have to rely on that clankety old "EE-lec-tron-ic mail" stuff y'all may remember. Indicate your interest, and provide your email if I can't stalk your forum profile and find it there.

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