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  1. Oh wow, when did the forums get this balls-awesome upgrade? I'll be there in a staff suite, per usual, and look forward to partying with y'all.
  2. Perhaps, but I do think you're missing out on a major opportunity to really help inform listeners. If I may: Completely totally definitely techno Not techno but dubstep so who gives a shit? Skrillex Techno breakbeat percussion but has violins in it for some reason? DDR Soundtrack Techno with a bassline that is kind of the same but kind of different from another techno song. The lines are kind of blurred on this one Sounds REALLY AWESOME on ecstasy
  3. I'll see you fools there, but per usual, I've got a staff suite so my name's not on the block.
  4. Hello friends. It's been a long time since I've been on the forums. Those of you who have seen me in person know that I stay involved, but I've also gotten super busy with lots of other commitments. And that is actually why I'm messaging you today: I am a part of a project called ReACTor, a social innovation project currently in the semfinals of the TEDx Fulbright Social Innovation Challenge. There's lot more information available on the site, but long story short it's a mobile gaming app to help encourage activism around news stories people care about. If we get enough votes, we can present this at the upcoming TEDx Fulbright event in DC. Please vote for us, and pass it along to your friends as well. Technically, you're supposed to like the Fulbright Association page first, but those who don't want to do that can just say they did and enter their email. This is the Fulbright Association, so they're not in the habit of spamming people and making a buck off your address. I figure you guys would be interested in this because, y'know, gaming. The deadline for voting is midnight on Sunday the 30th (tomorrow as of this posting). Once the contest is over, I'll change this post to one about social innovation in general.
  5. I want my candy :

  6. Good thing it's alive, too, because I had a question: I downloaded and installed this on my Mac a little while ago, but I've never really opened it or fooled around with it. But just today, I checked out the process threads because my computer seemed to be making a lot of noise with the small amount of activity I was doing on it. Sure enough, FAHCore was running at something like 300%, and the process would always return whenever I canceled it. As I mentioned, I haven't opened the FAH software for months, so I don't know why the thread would be running, but I didn't want the thread to be running without my say-so, so I uninstalled it. I'd be interested in running FAH at night when I'm not using my computer, but I want to enable and disable the software at will. Is that possible, and if so, how?
  7. How are we figuring out when/where to meet? I have most of your numbers, but it would be good to know if things are planned out ahead of time.
  8. Yup. Nope. Yup. No, no, what I meant was if that encoding/decoding the chipfiles can be done with Javascript (though I looked in your code and wasn't exactly sure where that was happening), then it shouldn't be difficult to replicate it with Objective-C.
  9. OKay, this is insane. If you can get it working with Javascript, I would love to see if we couldn't port it to desktop. The only option I have for Mac is a tad limited...
  10. Ah yes. I haven't been on the forums much lately but duh, I'll be there. I don't think I'll need rooming as I'll be paneling/volunteering my way to a free one. But I want to jam out like there is no fucking tomorrow, with drums and some keys.
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