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Kirby's Adventure (Rainbow Resort)

Skyline Drop

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Hey, guys. Randomly got inspiration to take this track on about a week ago and I figured I'd upload what I had done so far for some critique. It's a remix of Rainbow Resort from Kirby's Adventure (one of my favorite tracks from the entire franchise) in a sort of latin-jazz, fast bossa nova feel. I've never really tried anything in that style before, and I've had a lot of fun putting together what I've managed so far (except the solos - I've been step sequencing those in Renoise, which is pretty rough, but all I can do since my keyboard chops have gone down the toilet).

Please disregard the super cheesy samba whistles at the start; I was just screwing around with the idea and forgot to mute them before I rendered down :dstrbd:



Remix: Samba del Arco Iris

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