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Helmet lvl 3... is this song obscure?


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I wanted to finish this before my break I really love this song as its from the first game I ever played and apparently no where on the internet is there so much as a cover , I put half of it down in my DAW and realized that I'm pretty much out of time... I hope to finish this later, it's a short cute little song and I only need like 15 seconds of recording, besides I always hated that last part of the song lol


Remastering: stats.png

How's the composition, I added additional parts so I wanna see how well they match. Any tips for increasing this performance? I'm still learning how to mix (and yeah the tracks aren't mixed yet -_-) so any tips for mixing and improving the performance would be great

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Sorry to break this to you Mickomoo, but from the sounds of it, you've got a long way to go for this mix.

One of the obvious problems is that it sounds like you made/grabbed a midi file of the song and basically just added instruments to it.

Instrument choices aren't what I'd consider great.

All of the mixing would have to be redone.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'out of time' but you should use most of the song for the mix.

Not to sound harsh, but it sounds like you need to start composing and working on your craft before attempting to submit a remix for OCR. There's plenty of books out there for learning, in fact someone mentioned a good book to me on twitter (see link for the book below.) Keep working on songs, posting various WIP and learning.

Also, it shouldn't matter if a song is obscure or not.


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Yeah I made the midi, I had really no intention of submitting to OCR the source is too short and there's not much I can do with it. Personally, I merely wanted to have an instrumental of this song. There exists no midi so I was considering after some work of submitting it to VGmusic.com My major reason for posting this here was to get feedback on the arrangement, I played the melody and bass by ear and I then composed the rest. I could have just had only a melody and bass in this song but were's the fun in that.

The trumpet and bass are the melody and bass respectively, and I admit the velocities especially for the bass need to be reworked. But in terms of the instrumentation what specifically isn't working? I noticed I am having trouble panning, I'm trying to find a method of giving each sound it's space. In terms of mixing it isn't mixed, but I specifically wanted to see precisely how did people go about mixing brass.

This is essentially my practice, I'm testing my composition and looking for mixing tips. I know I'm far off from OCR standards, I've posted on this board before I more than understand that I'm just looking for general feedback. I was asking if the song was obscure because I've not seen it anywhere... hell I barely found one video of it on youtube no where did I use that to justify my arrangement it was merely a question of curiosity

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