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Zelda Lost Woods Trance Remix


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0:27, 0:41 source A part

Okay, only two short source references in the first minute and a half?

1:50-2:24 source A part

2:24-2:40 B part

2:40-3:08 A

3:08-3:24 B in a different take

3:24-3:51 based on source part A

3:51-4:05 A

4:05-4:22 new version of B

4:22-4:36 A

4:36-4:51 B


So, 176 sec required to meet Larry's stopwatch criterium. This adds up to... 181 sec, plus those two source bits in the beginning. That's cutting it pretty close, especially if the 3:24 part doesn't count (27 seconds). The source is dominant as per the standards, but I don't know if a third of the track can be a practically source-less intro and still get on ocr.

Production sounds fine to me, in keeping with the trance style as well as I know it. I don't like the arrangement, there's some nicely interpreted bits in there (among more newbish takes on "personalizing" it), but the structure is pretty much a cookie cutter medley of the A and B parts.

Cheesy sound effects added in. Classy. :P It also looks like the tail of the last hit gets chopped off.


- Too conservative - sticks too close to the source - the main part of the arrangement

- Too liberal - not enough connections to the source (too much original writing) - intro and outro


- Mixing is muddy (eg. too many sounds in the same range) - it could be a little cleaner, but not a dealbreaker


- Too repetitive - the ABABAB structure does that, especially coupled with four on the floor beats

Cool track, but I reckon the source usage and the basic arrangement would keep this from getting passed.

Thanks, Rozovian.

Seems like I'll just keep this tucked away in the record box for personal enjoyment and private parties.

Thanks again man,

Much appreciated,


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Don't be discouraged! This is a very good track. I recommend your starting another track, with Rozo's comments in mind. (if you're working towards getting posted here) Post your wips along the way and ask for specific ocr-worthy crits. Write your song in such a way that stuff can be moved around easily if need be. Make sure the arrangement works first, before filling it out too much. I'm sure your next track will be just as awesome as this one is, but with more postability potential. Looking forward to it! :-)

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