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Resonance: Emotional Mallets, new Kontakt 4 library (melodic/percussive!)

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X-post from VI/KVR :nicework: Check out the Zeal reference in the YT video.

Resonance: Emotional Mallets is now available as an instant digital download!

Check out this 15 minute patch walkthrough video, which also includes footage from our recording sessions.

For over a year now we've been working on what might be our most interesting sample library yet. With the help of master craftsman Jim Doble, we managed to get our hands on a collection of incredible and unique percussive instruments made from glass, wood, metal and stone. We sampled these instruments with intense depth, then created a wide variety of sound design patches to accompany them, inspired by Spectrasonics and their 'psychoacoustic' approach.

The result of our efforts is "Resonance: Emotional Mallets". We wanted this library to be very inspiring and usable out of the box, and to that end have included a wide variety of both Natural and Designed patches to facilitate compositions in any genre. We recorded 14 unique instruments and ensembles in total, often with multiple mallets (soft vs. hard) and playing techniques (bowing, FX treatment).


* Kontakt 4 format

* 4,000+ samples

* 33 Natural Patches, 49 Designed Patches

* Tonal, atonal, percussive and FX sounds

* Scripted interface

* Close/overhead mics with a touch of room air


* Aquarion - A marimba-like instrument with glass keys and a wood body.

* Bass Tongue Drum - Untuned, wooden hand percussive instrument with two tongues.

* Boltophone - A series of solid, tuned metal bolts.

* Bowed Metal - Tortured music stand played with a cello bow.

* Gamelan Ensemble - Four chromatic tuned instruments played in unison.

* Glass Gong - 3 ft gong constructed from 100% glass and a wood frame.

* Glass Tongue Drum - Resonating wood drum with glass 'keys'.

* Metal Ensemble - Four metal instruments played percussively in unison.

* Metal Sheet - Miniature thunder sheet with deep rumble and high-velocity 'splash'.

* Pipeharp - Pentatonic, hollow copper tubes with a beautiful tone.

* Pot Lids - Highly sonorous, meditative metal resonators with multiple pitches.

* Stonaphone - Marimba-type instrument with oversized stone keys.

* Whale Drum - Giant metal propane tank with multiple tuned tongues.

* Wrenchophone - Keyboard instrument built from tuned metal wrenches.

All instruments were recorded in depth with multiple velocity layers and round robins; we of course also created an intuitive scripted interface to help sculpt these sounds easily. The sum of these patches are in the "Natural" category, representing sounds that have not been processed and are simply the result of pristine recording and deep multisampling.

We think these Natural patches will be of immense interest to any composer looking for sounds that are both highly usable but also of a unique timbre. In particular, we had composers like Thomas Newman in mind.

As mentioned earlier, we also did extensive sound design patches using an arsenal of tools. These sounds cover the spectrum from evocative pads and ambiances to tone-shifted, playable keys, percussion, leads and more. The focus was definitely on powerful and usable material, split into six categories and 49 patches:

* Impacts & FX

* Keyboards & Mallets

* Leads & Basses

* Percussion

* Textures * Ambience

* Tonal Pads

We will be creating additional Designed patches over time and releasing them for free to our users.


Resonance is available now at our website for an introductory price of $79. The price will go back up to $99 in several weeks, so check it out now!

Audio Demos

Thanks for reading, watching and listening. We hope you'll enjoy this library; let us know your thoughts!

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Thanks guys! Just put up a few new audio demos on the page too, so definitely check those out.

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