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Help me start a new instructional music site

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Hi guys. I don't come around OCR too much to post, but I've done some remixing (Cave Story Remix album "Made of Metal") and have spent a lot of time doing home recording stuff. I'm trying to start a website to teach newcomers how to get started making music. I think that most everyone that's endeavored to do home recording has had situations where they're frustrated and scouring the internet for the knowledge they need. I'm trying to get all of that in one place so people can stop looking.

To that end, I've started a Kickstarter to gather some minimal funding to get the equipment I need. I would greatly appreciate it if you'd take a look. If you can't afford to donate, I totally understand. However, please share the link around so that this thing can get funded. It really will help a lot of young musicians get on the right path to fulfilling their dreams.


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Fair enough. Didn't even think about that! Here's a pic of the kickstarter page so you know it's an actual thing. The link will take you to the page. If you're still concerned, just hover over the link and see where the link will send you. You'll clearly see the "www.kickstarter.com." stuff! Thanks again.



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