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  1. Thanks for the kind words! Just to clarify, I believe Drew handled the production. Had a lot of fun with this one!
  2. Hi all! I'm not around here much these days, but some of you know me for my game covers and performances at MAG, PAX, etc. I'm going to be performing a bunch of game tunes at an in-home live-streamed performance on September 21. Mega Beardo will also be doing a set. http://twitch.tv/vikingguitar. Here's the FB event if you want to join up: https://www.facebook.com/events/518637968908370/ Thanks, and sorry to spam!
  3. Hi all! You might know me from some of my previous remix albums and tracks on compilations (Chronicles of Time, Spectrum of Mana, Vampire Variations, etc). For the past few years, I've put together a yearly Halloween horror music remix compilation featuring various musicians from the VGM scene. We did another one this year, and all proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders and ASPCA. It's free to download/stream, but if you want to toss a few bucks towards a good cause, we'd appreciate it! Thanks for listening, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Viking Guitar Productions Presents DANSE MACABRE 5
  4. Okay, gotcha. Yeah, I don't want to claim something now and keep someone else from doing it, but I'll probably check back in a bit and see where things are at and what's available. Thanks for hitting me up!
  5. I am tentatively interested in this, but it entirely depends on the timeframe. If it ends up being September, probably gonna have to pass due to prior obligations. If we're looking at something more like next year, I'm probably able to jump in.
  6. I'm not super familiar with the forum here. Is it possible to move this thread?
  7. Hi all. Some of you might know that a bunch of us have been working on a Secret of Mana full-soundtrack tribute called "Spectrum of Mana." Features Stemage, Mega Beardo, members of The OneUps, Descendants of Erdrick, Alexander Brandon of Unreal Tournament fame, norg, Dr. Manhattan, Super Guitar Bros, and more. Anyway, it's out and available for FREE download at http://www.spectrumofmana.com Go check it out! I know OCR has their own Mana album in the works, but this should hold you over until then. Both projects were actually started independently and without knowledge of the other, so no
  8. Yeah, if you still need someone, feel free to hit me up. I do a lot of death metal vocals (which I'm sure you're NOT looking for) but I can get that low grit into my speaking voice. And I was an active police officer for over five years. I'm used to speaking with authority
  9. I added my email address to the main post since I hardly ever check my mailbox here And yeah, not exclusively metal. That's my personal predisposition, but it's really just whatever fits the song best. Tim Yarbrough did an awesome acoustic song last year. Whatever's clever.
  10. If you're some sort of super-cool dude/dudette, you probably remember this album from Halloween last year: Viking Guitar Productions Presents: Danse Macabre Well, it was pretty well received, so we're doing it again this year! Some people are already signed up, but I want to open it up to everyone else that wants to participate. Here's the rundown: - The album will be a collection of cover songs from horror movies and video games. No original compositions, though you can definitely take lots of liberties with the source materials. - The album will be posted on bandcamp for free download
  11. Don't worry, this isn't anything malicious. Just some shameless promotion for myself and some other musicians around here.
  12. Fair enough. Didn't even think about that! Here's a pic of the kickstarter page so you know it's an actual thing. The link will take you to the page. If you're still concerned, just hover over the link and see where the link will send you. You'll clearly see the "www.kickstarter.com." stuff! Thanks again. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/vikingguitar/viking-guitar-university
  13. Hi guys. I posted this in the "Music Composition and Production" forum, but thought I should put it here too. Sorry if that's against protocol. I don't come around OCR too much to post, but I've done some remixing (Cave Story Remix album "Made of Metal") and have spent a lot of time doing home recording stuff. I'm trying to start a website to teach newcomers how to get started making music. I think that most everyone that's endeavored to do home recording has had situations where they're frustrated and scouring the internet for the knowledge they need. I'm trying to get all of that in on
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