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Field recorders

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My opinion is that they are absolutely awesome. I own the Tascam DR-07 (Mk1) and have been really impressed by it. I think it's one of the best piece of equipment I've bought. Really fun capturing your own sounds and using it in your music - I have gotten some great recordings - I use a lot in one of my tracks called 'Winter Odyssey.' I highly suggest buying an audio recorder whether you're doing field recording, recording guitar, piano, etc. or doing podcasts, capturing ambiances. Anything really.

Check Tascam's site: http://tascam.com/applications/recording/handheld_recorder/

My buddy owns the DR-05 - a cheaper version, but same audio quality. Lots of features such as recording in wav, various mp3, etc. and more, but all I really do is just record audio and then xfer to my computer. :)

Best thing I can say is to watch youtube vids of audio comparisons between the one's you have narrowed it down to. Also customer reviews to help your buying decision. Hope that helps ;)



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I really think the Zoom H4n is one of the top you can get for the $300 price-range.

But I will say, if you're willing to go a bit higher, I would SERIOUSLY consider saving up for this guy:


We have the Tascam Dr-100s, which I think is total poop.

The Tascam, the Zoom, and the Roland all have internal microphones, so no additional microphones are necessary.

But the nice thing about all three of those is that they have built-in mic pres so you can ADD microphones if you want.

And the Tascam DR-100 allows you to do Stereo recording from any of its sources, the Zoom H4n allows you to do 4-channel Recording if you want, and the Roland allows you to do 6-channel recording from multiple sources.

That way you can add microphones as you go and expand your rig with out overhauling your whole system.

Remember, this shizzy is an investment and you should be considerate of the future and where you'll want to eventually expand your capabilities.

If you're serious about Field Recording, I will also recommend a Dead Cat for your onboard microphones, if that's what you're using, and I will also recommend a Shotgun microphone or two, a boom pole, a dead cat, cables, extra media, etc.

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