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Chrono Cross - Another Termina


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Hello, guys! :tomatoface:

Now, I'm working on a new project, and I want your feedback to make it a nice new version (I don't like to say "remix", 'cuz it remind me eletro things.. heheh) of this song!

This is a tiny part of the music, I have a lot to do, but so far I've recorded the guitars and make some crazy-Irish intro.

Please, give me your opinion to this, and what you guys expect!

Ps.: Sorry for the timing errors, I'll fix as soon as possible! :-P

Soundcloud link (as recommended in my last post, thanks, man!):


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A few timing errors, but some really cool sounds!

First part is basically a straight up cover, and the ending doesn't sound anything like the source. It's real short -- are you going to extend it?

Thank you, man!

Yes, sure I'll extend it, the ending it's gonna to be different from the source.

try soften the strum guitar, it is really "on top" of everything. and add a touch of chorus and/or flanger/phaser to it. what do you think of that?

Thanks for collab!

Strum guitar?

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strum guitar: eg, you're strumming the accoustic guitar, not?

soften it a little with a filter, and add some chorus/flanger/phaser

So you mean the strum guitar the acoustic guitar at 0:44?

Thank you again for the constructive criticism! :-D

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