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Vigrior: Maneuver Warfare - Bring me my lasers & synthesizers!

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Hey OCRemix! I hope this is the right section to throw this up.

My name's Nuwati, I'm a sound designer and musician at Mercenary Games and would love to show you awesome people our new game: Vigrior (Vig-ri-or).

Virgrior is a SCI-FI themed RTS with a couple new ideas up it's sleeves. As i'm sure you guys know, most RTS games require good speed and agility to have a degree of success (Yeah...bronze league :banghead: ).

Virgrior changes that by tossing in new game mechanics that empower your tactical skills and let your hands have a well earned rest. Fire up Virgrior and start building your own fleet formation with the new Fleet Editor. The Fleet Editor allows players to build their own fleet formations out of any of the 3 ships available. Utilize your custom fleet formations as you go out and fight the dreaded Virals-- a frightening breed of beast and machine.

Vigrior allows you to switch between any of your fleet formations with a single push or click of a button, allowing you to incinerate your Viral enemies in style and ease.

Along with the tactical Fleet Editor, Vigrior comes with an inventive soundtrack composed of classical elements such as lush strings and brilliant flutes mixed in with the hard and fast basses of today's hot dance music.

I hope you all get a chance to check out the game here:

I suppose now is the time I ask you all to pledge :)

please pledge <3

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