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JHC - JHCompo (submit themes and site features)

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Note: JHCompo is looking for theme suggestions as well as feedback regarding SolidComposer features and functionality. Feel free to post them in this thread.

JHCompo is a 2-hour, weekly composition competition where entrants create original music based on the theme given. This all-gear, MP3-based compo is held every Tuesday, and was created as a place for musicians to hang out and hone their craft.

All the action happens at SolidComposer including the listening party, which is automated. For those new to the site: entrants must sign up for an account to upload their entries (in MP3 format) to the compo round page. The theme will appear at the start of the compo round. Once the 2-hour round is up, the listening party will start immediately at the compo round page. The compo is open to anyone, from beginners to the well-experienced.

For the date of the latest round, see my sig. :smile:


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How about like:

- you're golfing

- going for the Gold at the Olympics

- helping a friend move

- swimming in shark infested waters

- camping/campfire story

- you dress up as a masked vigilante and try to clean up the streets

- a monochrome handheld game

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