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  1. ocre

    Nintendo Wii U

    New Super Luigi U on sale for $14.99 on BestBuy.com In-Store Pickup. Same amount of (new) content as in the retail release of NSMBU. Supposed to be challenging.
  2. Fire Emblem Awakening for $15 on BestBuy.com While supplies last.
  3. It doesn't matter when you max out the EVs, the stat gains will be the same by Lv 100.
  4. ZombiU $15 (Wii U) While supplies last. - Yes, it's worth it.
  5. ocre

    Nintendo Wii U

    This is a nice little rundown of holiday as well as upcoming & recommended already-released games for new Wii U owners.
  6. ocre

    Nintendo Wii U

    There's a reason they show people making surprised faces in the beginning of that video. Despite having seen footage of the game many times before I still find myself impressed with how good it looks. Gonna pick up my copy tomorrow.
  7. Hope you have a great 24th birthday, in this, the Year of Luigi! Also, have a Duke of PIES, to celebrate my achieving a 'Platinum God' achievement in The Binding of Isaac, a game you gifted and introduced me to! So, fitting anniversary.
  8. Final Fantasy IV (GBA version should be findable). Then Final Fantasy IX. Final Fantasy Tactics is great but... not exactly representative of the main series... at all. (If we're gonna go down that path, PLAY THE FFTA GAMES!)
  9. ocre

    Nintendo Wii U

    Is it okay for me to be disturbed that this is a thing someone drew?
  10. That's right. Housemarque made Super Stardust HD & Super Stardust Delta(enhanced remakes of the 90s games 'Stardust' & 'Super Stardust') and Resogun.
  11. ocre

    Nintendo Wii U

    You could always crash the Xbox One midnight launch this friday and buy SM3DW (A Link Between Worlds comes out the same day too). :3
  12. ocre

    Nintendo Wii U

    Or they could just be great games.
  13. ocre

    Nintendo Wii U

    Greatness arrives Friday!
  14. I do appreciate you defending me, Mirb but let's just get past that. You know what's gonna be really awesome (when it comes out)? Binding of Isaac Rebirth. So far, besides Steam, it's only coming to PS4 & PSV and PS+ subscribers are gonna get it free (along with Don't Starve). It's the perfect game to use in conjunction with the built in streaming.
  15. If you're keeping score, that's 2.5 years after the first announcement way back when we were young, in September 2011. Time flies, yo.
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