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Nuts' Italo Disco/SpaceSynth Patches for Free VSTs

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Hello again.

Since I shared a small collection of SpaceSynth/ItaloDisco/80s Synthpop patches for Reason Some people have asked me for some patches they could use with other programs like Fruityloops and stuff, so here I am to share them.

Click here to get the VST patches .fxp format!

These are 9 bass patches based on popular artists from these old school genres for the following VSTs:





All of the above are free to download from their respective sites. Now add some Linndrum/tr808 drums and you'll be all set for some oldschool dance music.

Enjoy :).

VST sites:

Synth1 (japanese)

Togu Audio Line (TAL) VSTs

GTG Synths

EDIT: I noticed that GTG JP-1 and TAL-U-NO 60 were discontinued, so I uploaded them. Get them here

Also, for Fruity Loops users I just uploaded Fruity Wrapper versions of these patches so they can be accessed easily. Get them here

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