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My new Studio, need input.

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I've yet to hear any actual music from this studio...

I've mostly done commercial work for others, as well as some tunes with my own projects/bands.

Here's a tune from my punk/pop/rock band Dilillis, which got listed on national radio just before christmas and has thus far generated over 10,000,- $ in royalties. So most of the money I use is actually earned by either me getting paid for producing other acts or by generating income through radio play.



Some other tunes I've recorded:




I'm not quitting my day job but i wouldn't spend this much money if it didn't generate some too :)

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Pure genuine curiosity - what kind of day job do you have where you can build a studio in your spare time?

Where I live we only work 7,5 hours a day so there's really no problem using your spare time constructing things like houses, gardens or small recording studios, unless you're a drug addict and have to use your spare time searching for your next hit.

That said, i do have 3 kids so i don't have the time i used to for making remixes and such.

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