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Castlevania - Heart of Fire


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Thank you!

Maybe it happened because you saw the video just after I uploaded it and youtube were still updating the data, so there were compression issues (maybe).

I struggled a lot with the mix, there are 4 guitars going on...

I'm trying to improve my mixing technique so I can upload videos more often, but it's very hard! More difficult to mix than to play the tunes! 8O

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Damn dude, that guitar playing is really tight. As in, rhythmically accurate. Very well done. I'd say you're gonna want to play with the arrangement a little more if you want it on the site (as you mention, it's mostly a cover at this point). Most of it's pretty repetitive, you can play around with chord structures, solos, add in some mellower segments, etc.

I'd love to see another good rawk arrangement on the site though, and I'm not really the expert in that area (especially with guitar mixing/production work). Hopefully someone who's more familiar with that department will be able to help you out. Good luck dude


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