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  1. is your screenname a reference to xeen?

  2. It's good, but it still needs work. The sound is a bit muddy, and certain parts are overshadowed, and it ends abruptly, but if you fix those parts this song will be really good. It has potential.
  3. This song was rather enjoyable. I would gladly listen to this if I was stuck in an elevator, rather than regular elevator music. I can imagine that if there was a video camera in that elevator, both Death and Dracula would be laughing hysterically at Simon freaking out on the video monitor.
  4. Still amazing work. I always enjoy listening to your music. I may not know Final Fantasy very well, I don't play the games, but I always enjoy listening to remixes of game soundtracks, even if I never played the games. Usually listening to a good remix of a game usually is what makes me try the game in the first place. That's how I started liking the Castlevania series, by listening to remixes of the soundtrack first. I know I might be asking too much, if I am please tell me. Since you did make a "Heart of Fire" remix and it's still one of my all time favorite Castlevania remixes. I would really like to ask you to make an "Out of Time" remix, since there are very few remixes of that song and even fewer good ones. I won't ask for any other songs after this.
  5. I still don't like the dubstep part with all the random noise to it. Otherwise it's an iincredibly beautiful song. Just take out that dubstep part of it and it will be perfect. I still agree with this.
  6. It's actually quite good. It sounds sad in the beginning but quickly changes into a different style. I really like it.
  7. It wasn't that I disliked the guitar section. I was that it seemed to break the flow of the song. It doesn't anymore. The song is alot better than the original post of it.
  8. The song is much better. It really does keep the flow of the music. I really enjoyed listening to this version.
  9. It sounds very eerie and I like how it starts off with very silient and grows in volume. I like the background chant-like noise. But would say that the bass is a little higher than it should be. Around the 2:30 mark is when it gets really good. I would also say that it changes into a different type of music syle, like rock-type style and then a guitar playing, it just doesn't keep the flow for the song and will distract the listener when they switch. It's like when a song stops suddenly for the ending and switches to the next song, it's similar to that, in my opinion anyway.
  10. That I agree with. This song should be uploaded on to this site
  11. Thanks for finishing it. It's really good. I was also the first to comment on the video as well. When I first heard it, it sounded like you needed to turn up the treble. when I heard it a second time right afterwards I heard everything clearly. Excellent work.
  12. Very enjoyable to listen to. I enjoy listening to certain types of metal, especially video game music metal. I enjoyed listening to it. I do agree with evory about the music at 1:33 and 1:44. it doesn't seem to fit in with the song. Besides that it was really good.
  13. This is a game that I will look forward to owning. Mainly so I can play Crystal shards, graphics may look bad, but I've only played a little bit of the game and it is fun.
  14. HA! I favorited this song on Youtube about three months ago. Still one of the best remixes of Heart of Fire I've heard so far. Yay! Mega Beardo is now part of OC Remix.
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