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Session Strings Pro: is it a good library?

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Given the ongoing NI upgrade/crossgrade sale, I've decided to crossgrade from Kontakt either to Komplete 8 or to Komplete 8 Ultimate. One of the things that's in Ultimate that isn't in the base Komplete that most interests me is Session Strings Pro.

I'm interested in Session Strings Pro both because I don't yet have a small ensemble strings library and because I hope it may allow me, when layered with my go-to large ensemble strings (VSL SE+), to do a more convincing large ensemble divisi. I plan at some point in the future to get a strings library (probably LASS) that has actual divisi capabilities, but if Session Strings works well enough in this regard I might be able to forego or delay that purchase.

Does anyone have opinions on Session Strings Pro? I'm leaning toward the Ultimate bundle since I think the extra stuff is worth the additional money (the crossgrade is $200 base vs. $400 Ultimate for me), but any info especially on Session Strings Pro to sway me one way or the other would be appreciated.

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Did you end up getting Session Strings Pro, and if so do you like it? I was looking at that too, a good friend told me it is a very good small ensemble library, he said it was similar to Lass First Chair. I just got Komplete 8 not long ago, so I figured I'd fool around with the Kontakt factory instruments first before venturing into Session Strings... but I'd like to know more about them too.

I didn't miss out on the sale though, I bought Damage. It's fun. What did you end up getting from the sale?

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Nice Moseph... I'll look forward to your review of SSP!

Hey C&C, nice to see you, interesting blog!

Everything thing here ditto for me. I've not found a ton of feedback on session strings, not that I'm in the market for anything now but I would like to note what they can do. Also C&C awesome blog, I'll definitely take a look and comment later.

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