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Zelda - Dragon Roost Island Metal Remix - 7 string - Brootal

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In the downtime of working on my pal's EP, I managed to squeeze this mix out. I've been feeling the 7 string lately, so that's what I went with on this one. I realized I could have been a bit more creative on this one, but if I didn't finish tonight, it probably wouldn't have ended up collecting dust in one of my project folder. Hope you dudes enjoy anyway.

Feedback is always appreciated.

Downloads also make me extremely happy.

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a worthy source, an even worthier rearrangement. i'm feeling the 7 string lately too, VERY lately, as in the last 3 minutes lately. this is well performed, well mixed. for something you "rushed" i can't tell. the only thing i would feel more is a mid bar cut off vs. a fade out. when the accompaniment stopped, that is what i expected, but it went on and my anticipation kinda died.

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