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La-Mulana : Blood Red Tears


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Before you start whining about people not commenting on your thread, why don't you go and comment on others? I mean seriously...

Regardless you do have a point about people commenting more on popular tunes.

Cool intro. The hard panned bloopy chip-tune sound gets olds really quick. Try keeping the lead panned dead center and then pan the supporting elements left and right.

While a lot of the sound individually are cool and match the feel of the source. There are just way too many distorted sounds. If you want one of the cool distorted sounds to stand out use less of them. Right now they are all just blending together into one audio collage.

The wicked long fake outtro doesn't really work. Not a bad idea if done on a quicker scale:


Everything after the fake outtro doesn't really seem to add to the song any way. Just lots of crazy bleeps n bloops.

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A bit of humour never hurt anyone.

I will certainly tweak the bleep chiptune's panning.

Keep it centered? I may also try another sound for it.

Too many distorted sounds is something I noticed as well.

Certainly something to tweak.

Speeding up the fake outro is something I will test ASAP.

Second section will have to be tweaked and made more unique.

I may try to insert some Phantasy Star Online into this remix as well.

Thank you for the feedback.

I will work on tweaking this further.


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