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  1. A bit of humour never hurt anyone. I will certainly tweak the bleep chiptune's panning. Keep it centered? I may also try another sound for it. Too many distorted sounds is something I noticed as well. Certainly something to tweak. Speeding up the fake outro is something I will test ASAP. Second section will have to be tweaked and made more unique. I may try to insert some Phantasy Star Online into this remix as well. Thank you for the feedback. I will work on tweaking this further. Peace.
  2. There are no comments. Maybe I should have remixed something more well known like Mario. Or Sonic. Yeah Ice Cap Zone. Yeah.
  3. Hello. I've disappeared for a while. I decided to give Remixing another Shot. Here's the Original. Here's my Remix. http://tindeck.com/listen/acrl I hope you enjoy. Please leave any comments or suggestions below. I want to make this as good as possible. Peace.
  4. So guys. Did no one notice Cave Story for WiiWare being announced?
  5. Totally. Thanks for the assist!
  6. make-believe rune letter system? It's Katakana, an alphabet type of the Japanese language. If anything it should make it EASIER since Katakana is used mainly for western words, the first word is "Warudo Ripoto" or "World Report" (makes little sense since that's a World Map and not a Report). It's pretty easy to translate if you have something to base it on, you can use the following link for reference (but unfortunately does not show the dakuten and handakuten forms of some of the characters). http://www.saiga-jp.com/img/character/japanese_language/hiragana_katakana_list.gif Hope it helps.
  7. Looks to have potential, I wonder how the battle system plays out. Also fuck yes London. Those 3D models are very well made for a DS game, I certainly like the main character's model. Edei (Eddie?) is a pretty weird name for a main character, but can't fault him being English . Wonder if it's gonna be called Winds of Nostalgeo here in the west, I hope it even DOES come out in the West.
  8. It's kind of a shame to be honest, as FFIII had some very decent songs in it (The overworld theme and the oceans theme, especially the later, very brooding).
  9. Robo-Roll shalt live! Anyhow, I'm preaty sure that Flashman's Theme from Megaman 3 sounds a helluva similar to Metallica at points too. http://megamanmetallica.ytmnd.com/ Thankums very much YTMND. On a side note, are there any examples of this practice being inverted? I.E Mainstream music mimicing Video Game music?
  10. I loved how he completely missed out anything actually note-worthy to talk about in that review /sarcasm. I don't know about others, but to me it seemed like he didn't actually "play" the game, character roster and other usual stuff that comes from SSBB playthroughs and what not weren't even mentioned. Oh well .
  11. I think they meant if children only play Mature or Violent games, and not play anything else.
  12. This looks very awesome, Layton for SSB4.
  13. Hands down one of the best remixes of Kirby, period. Dwelling of Duels winner?
  14. Neonlare

    Nintendo Wii

    Wow, that's a fair amount of slots remaining at the end of Ike there, 16 slots remaining, we'll have to see thoose that remain D;.
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