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future beat/bass feedback


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first one seems more electro house than anything. it's a nice loop, but i dont think there's a lot i can say about it aside from that !

second beat is great, love that sample and the groove is nice. only thing i disagree with is the bass, i might go with something a bit warmer, not quite as harsh.

third beat is also really nice, the only thing i'd say about it is that the balance seems off (might have something to do with the track that preceded it). i think the sample could be eq'd a little so it's not drowning out the kick quite as much?

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Thanks radiowar,

I agree that the 3rd one is dramatically louder than the rest. I think it's cos i limited it really really hard and the pumping that came from that actually sounded quite good so i was able to push it further as the side-effects were pleasing. But along with that i think the balance between the instruments was also a bit off.

Hmm! Yes - a warmer bass could do some good on the second one!

Thanks for giving feedback!

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