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Music Needed for Indie Game (Pays)


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Greetings OCRemix community. My name's Alex and my partner Tyler and I are in need of music for a game we've created.

The game is an abstract, space themed, action arcade game called Trace Vector which uses vector style visuals. Check out the website www.trace-vector.com for a trailer and more detailed description.

We've waited until we're confident of completion before searching for music talent. I've listened to OCRemix for years and years and as we've gotten closer to finishing Trace Vector it occured to me that OCRemix might be a great place to find exactly what we're looking for. As it stands we're working on the final touches and music will be a large component of that process. We plan on selling the game for profit, intially on PC & Mac although we have not submitted any distributor (such as Steam) as we want the music in first. We're willing to pay, but remember we're about as small as a company can be.

Needed Music:

  • Title Menu Music
  • 12 world tracks with 3 or 6 loopable progressions (each section gets more complex and energetic as a player moves through the world).
  • Ending Music
  • Desired Luxury: 80's / 90's saturday morning cartoon style theme song (about 45 - 60 seconds long, sci-fi cartoon and rock style. Examples can be provided.)

The style of music we're looking for is flexible, but considering the visual and gameplay style any sort of spacey electronic music would likely fit.

This is not a requirement, but if you use or can format the project files for use in Ableton Live this is a bonus, as this is the software we have available to us.

If you're interested in working with us send a PM or preferably contact us directly using the contact form on our site or the email address supplied on the same page. Of course, samples of your work that you can provide are essential in our selection. Remember that since we are planning on selling this game we cannot accept anything that uses copyrighted works, ect. On a side note, questions, comments, and feedback are much appreicated.


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Hello everyone. We have received quite a few contact messages and we'll be going through everyone's portfolios over the course of the next week.

Thank you for contacting us. We will be sending out confirmation E-mails very soon once we have had time to fully evaluate everyone's work.

We've been impressed with what we've heard so far!

Thanks again!

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It's fine, if you feel like you forgot something or want to add something in, go ahead and send a second message. Really the more information we can have to work with the easier it will be for us to sort through and make decisions. So be sure to at least include samples of your work (either as links or attached), and a way to reply to you.

We're not going to be making our selections for at least another week. As we listen to a portfolio we discuss where certain tracks have a style and feeling that might fit, and we listen to most if not all of the tracks we can so it's going to take some time.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello everyone. Tyler and I have received everyone's messages and we've listened to some really awesome stuff all around. We've got more than enough talented people to select from to get Trace Vector some really fitting music. Seriously, you guys are great.

Thanks to everyone who sent in their websites and samples. The OCRemix community has not disappointed.

Hopefully we can get Trace Vector finished now!

We'll see you next mission.

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