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  1. Just submitted a new version of my track, sorry it's a couple hours late (in my time zone anyway )
  2. Photos! ferris wheel in National Harbor: who is this strange man in my bed?? (with Bradley Vanderhoef) Retro Gaming Jeopardy: Jeopardy contestants (including YouTuber SomeCallMeJohnny [the right-most contestant]): Rick!!: Igneous Rock Pie cosplay at the Tiny Waves PJ Chiptune Rave: Another photo of Igneous Rock at the PJ rave (complete with a wild @Flexstyle): Last day, at Thai Pavilion restaurant: I spotted the 10th Doctor! Chillin' with Trab Naxes: more to come...
  3. Happy Holidays OCR! Enjoy a new winter-y song from me
  4. Definitely getting the feels from this one. Which is what this source deserves. Clean & well-balanced production and some great sound design here. An unexpected arrangement for sure, which makes it that much better - it's mellow and reflective, and has a good dynamic curve. Great work!!
  5. https://kingtiger.bandcamp.com/album/foul My first original rap song! It's a drumstep-esque EDM with a slick flow on top. It's $.50 (make sure you use the coupon/promo code "foulmsrp" in checkout or else it'll charge you $1.00). Please give it a listen and maybe even buy it! Here's a SoundCloud player:
  6. @Jorito & @Black_Doom - just making sure you got the WiP I sent in. I'm making pretty swift progress currently. Also, could I please get access to the project subforum?
  7. I'm cool with the ads staying. I believe @YoshiBlade said he was ok with it too, earlier in the thread, so that covers our collab. You'll have to check with @Flexstyle about our SCB collab.
  8. I'd be happy to take S3 credits, but it wouldn't be orchestral (which I believe is what @Black_Doom was hoping for). What I'm envisioning would be "uplifting" or "epic" trance, like this: Armin van Buuren - Love You More feat. Racoon or maybe more like this: Conjure One - Extraordinary Way (Antillas Club Remix) My track wouldn't have any vocals though, and my buildups/breakdowns wouldn't be *quite* so long, lol (I wouldn't be going for the full "club"/"DJ" experience here, although I may make a separate "club edit" similar to what was done with Super Cartography Bros). It'd probably have more elements of progressive trance, as well (along the lines of Above & Beyond's most recent "artist" album, We Are All We Need).
  9. Hey @Jorito & @Black_Doom, I'm down for mastering or mixing stuff, if anybody wants/needs help. I also may pick up a track (I noticed SCD needs some love), but no promises as yet.
  10. Hey guys, thought I would clarify the part I played in this mix YoshiBlade sent me the stems for his (already great) arrangement, which I then cleaned up and mixed. I didn't change any of his existing work apart from the aforementioned mixing (EQ, compression, etc), but I added some of my own synths and drums to fill things out a bit more, and then sent a wav back to him and walked him through the concepts of mastering so he could try mastering it himself. I think he did a pretty decent job even if he doesn't think so himself. I hope we get the chance to collab again soon!
  11. Okay, read the other reviews and I think I know what to expect... snes tones, ok... sudden drop, right?.... ... O.O WUT .... and then... more... um... something WHOA holy hannah This rocks the dynamics, dude, love that everything's unpredictable but not too jarring. Production's pretty hawt, too, my only (minor) nitpicks are in regards to the choir and harps - pretty much that the sequencing makes them sound fake at times, but not really a huge issue in the context of the whole piece, tbh. DAMN this is a good arrangement.
  12. Great work, as always, Kruai! I've been waiting for a good Sonic Rush remix, so you've made me quite happy SO here's some specific critiques: POSITIVES: Great sound design, sequencing, and use of dynamics. Love the varying beats throughout; that - along with the varying synths and what not - really keeps the interest going throughout the song (no borefest for sure, like Necrox said). I'll echo what DJP said about the percussion arrangements being great - the drummer in me is proud The whole track flowed well from start to finish; nothing felt out of place or forced in terms of song structure - awesome work. As for negatives - I felt like the whole thing was a bit low-heavy; I know EDM is supposed to be that way, but IMO it's too much, and it brings down the otherwise fantastic atmosphere of the track. It was especially muddy in terms of the bass conflicting with the kick - they often occupied the same space, not so much that it was horrible, but enough that it bothered me. Next time, try sidechaining the bass to the kick just a little bit, to make the kick come through more, or try to notch out overlapping frequencies in one and boost the same in the other (the more challenging route, IMO). Also, if you're using a multi-band compressor on your master channel, turn the sub band down a bit. (I felt like the mids were too hot in there somewhere too, but I can't quite put my finger on it.) In the section that began right before 2:20, the kick drum was causing the whole track to overcompress - I'm guessing it's something in the mastering. My gut tells me that you had the kick turned up louder to compensate for the aforementioned conflict with the bass, so in the sparser sections, the kick overtriggered the master compressor/limiter, causing this "pumping" sound that IMO sounds out-of-place in the context. Around 3:50, a distorted synth pad-thing starts, and it sounds overcompressed, at times - not sure if that's a result of the mastering, as well, or if it's a compressor on the track itself, but it's causing it to sound overly distorted at times. I'm pretty sure I'm nitpicking on some things. Don't take it wrong - I absolutely LOVE this beast of a ReMix. Keep up the good work!
  13. Dude that's a ton of work you did there. Awesome! (also I'm sorry for the all the extra work you had to do because of all the sources used in mine & Flexstyle's -.-)
  14. I'm just gonna keep posting new stuff here periodically :3 Yoshi: My wife's late chinchilla: aaand the Magician, from modern-era Rayman. Flexstyle's claimed this one
  15. Yeah, if you make a back cover then it should go there to help explain/back up the title.
  16. Got a nice drawing kit so I have some new drawings up, including David Tennant as the 10th Doctor: and Peso from Octonauts:
  17. Did this one 2-3 years back. Thought I would post it here since the musical tone seems appropriate for Halloween. Bandcamp: https://kingtiger.bandcamp.com/track/night-terrors-sonic-2 SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/kingtiger/night-terrors
  18. Awesome WiP is awesome. Also you shouldn't need a signature or final from me because I haven't actually contributed anything
  19. This def has a lot of potential. As far as focusing on sounds 1st vs arrangement 1st, it can work either way; I do a bit of a hybrid, but generally I tend to focus on sounds 1st because otherwise I'll wind up building my mix (that is, EQ, compression, how everything sits together) around "bad" or incomplete sounds. Some general thoughts: Needs more happening throughout. Some more pads, or arpeggios, or something. Especially at the end of phrases or patterns to help keep things interesting. Production-wise, it sounds like you're using some stock stuff, which is fine (I currently use mostly stock stuff in Logic), but def needs some a wee bit more attention to keep it from sounding too vanilla, patch-wise. You've definitely got some cool sound design going on, it just needs a little more work. Actually, what would help a lot of it is some attention to the mixing in general, especially in the reverb and delay departments: most of your patches are way too dry for the soundscape you're trying to build, IMO. Those two things alone would breath a ton of life into this track. Also put a compressor on your bass, that would help a lot. I personally like the lead you have, just roll off the bottom end (everything below 200 Hz or so - in fact most of your mix could use this - if it's not a bass-focused instrument like a kick or a bassline then it doesn't need those frequencies cluttering everything up - and some producers cut even higher than that and it really depends on the instrument. Using a graphic EQ with a visualizer to show each patch's range really helps too) and then give it some life with more verb or delay as mentioned above. (Jeez that's a clutter of thoughts, I hope that's all readable) Time-specific comments: 1:30: I echo brokenbirthday's thoughts about that sweeping synth that enters around this time; it feels too mechanical, for one thing, and it's got too much mud or something, EQ-wise... I would try scooping out some frequencies in the 200-500 range. If you want more specific help with that, just ask. After doing some EQ, I would compress it, for sure; then it may fit a bit better with what you're doing. 2:30 The resonant sweeps around this time are a bit piercing; be careful with those. Try reducing the resonance or compressing the patches that are sweeping so that those frequencies don't jump out like that, and the whole thing will feel smoother too. 3:10 Awkward transition is awkward; but you probably already knew that I really like the groove you've got going on though, keep that up. I'm pretty familiar with both themes (especially Elemental Stars - GS is one of my favorite games and I absolutely love that theme), and arrangement-wise (in terms of source usage), I don't notice any major problems; you've got plenty of melody and other harmonic stuff from both sources, as well as some great interpretation, IMO. In terms of the overall flow of the song, I feel like it works; I can see where you're going, and with some more TLC I think it'll be great. The beginning doesn't really bother me, but I definitely feel like it needs a proper ending. I hope I don't come across arrogant or overbearing; I'm pretty confident in my feedback but you're the artist here - this is your track - so let's definitely discuss further if you feel like I'm wrong about something or you want more help.
  20. Wish I could post this in C:Disc, but since it's only one song, it would break the rules. Real proud of this one; even if you're not a brony, it's polished quite well and fun as hell (IMHO, of course) hey that rhymed https://soundcloud.com/kingtiger/bats-kingtigers-halloween-mob-remix
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