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Final Fantasy VIII - Force your Way (Rock/Metal Rmx)

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Hi everyone,

when i have listened to the new remix-albums here on OCR i thought about posting my newest rmx/cover here.

About me

I am from germany and did some drum covers of other videogame stuff on my youtube channel. Five months ago i came in contact with a british bass player who asked me for a collab for this track and he did bass and most of the guitars on this one.

It is surely not good enough for official OCR because it is a double-playthrough of the original and by that means not "really" creative (but we didnt play over the original and actually made a new midi track), but i hope some people enjoy it and leave a comment, because we really would like constructive comments on the mix. (from which i that we managed it quite good). Maybe some of you also enjoy the video where we show our one-takes. (in our next project with improved video quality ; )

Our focus on this cover was that we did one-takes of our instruments and you will notice that the mix gives bass and drums the advantage and leaves the guitars a little bit in the background. You could say it comes close to the black mages version with lesser soli ( we are not friends of to much soli that make a song meaningless ) and more double bass.

For the video check:

For the MP3 check:

https://rapidshare.com/#!download|384p12|523615419|Final Fantasy VIII - Force your way Metal cover by Poplington%26Truemas.mp3

Thanks to everyone who clicks it and also leaves constructive comments here!

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This is great, although a bit too coverish for OCR. All individual performances are excellent though the only nitpick I have is that the lead guitar sounds a bit empty in the 0:35-0:46 section (and when that section is repeated), mainly because it's not hitting the high notes that are there in the source.

Keep up the good work :D

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Thank you for your reply. Yes, because it is that coverish i wouldnt ask if it could be an official OCR track, but i think it is quite good to use this forums as feedback.

I know what you mean with the guitars, it is an expression-thing of the bass-player, i also like the higher note in the original. I am just playing the harmonics of the melody.

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