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  1. I will always remember the moment i heard this song. I listened to B&R to to this points with thoughts of "cool , great , well-made" and so on and then The Impressario started. I stopped the chat i was participating in before and my eyes, ears and smile got wider and wider. The 9 Minutes later my conclusion was: "This is the "best" song on the album and even the next ones can´t top THAT." Of course music is subjective. But for me it has proven to be that way. Enough said. No wait. One more thing: Thank you very much for "The Impressario" Mr. Kaufman!
  2. Yeah, you are right. I just got that revelation ( actually i remembered it ) that you can use a major-chord as dominant-chord to increase the pull to the prime. It is true that the rules of music theory are very loose but the reason why they are there ( so i was told ) is that it fits the taste of our ears, and for the start i want to understand theese basics. And thanks again for your reply i should get something done now!
  3. Thank you guys very much for your answers ( in advance because i just opened my browser and i am now going to analyse what you wrote)! The only thing that didnt made sense for me was the Bb at the 7th and 8th bar, but lets see if i am getting it now with the approaches of you two. I will report later on what i have learned. Edit: It is almost embarrassing... D minor makes total sense. I think i must have been totally mentally tired after spending 8 hours of working with cubase. I am also trying to speed up my workflow and i ran into problems with pitchbending and note expression. (Havent found a solution yet) I will try the d minor approach now and the two examples you guys gave me. Up to now i have been a little hesitant regarding sus-chords because i have thought of them as "difficult" but i think that my perceptions are wrong and i should learn to take them into consideration more often to archieve the result of that whats in my head. Edit 2: @jnWake: I just explored your suggested sheet (the Kakariko Windmill) and studied the chords. The author (if that sheet is written by him and not by Koji Kondo) also took the dorian approach where the Bbmaj7 chord would not belong to. Approaching this in Dm as also AngelCityOutlaw mentioned makes more sense to me but leaves me with an A chord which has an C# that doesnt belong to the Dminor scale... I dont get this progression of chords and i really would like to understand it so i can use it later for composing.
  4. See TLDR for the short version + the midi i am talking about. I just checked the music composition&production forum and i was suprised that there are so few Threads but then i read the sticky of zircon that there has been some stuff sorted out. I hope that it is ok to ask such kind of questions here, since i want to seriously start remixing and to apply my theory into practical experience. For my background: - I play drums for 11 years (recently much e-drum - I used wikipedia and "the principals of orchestration" course of garritan online (i read it whole!) to get theoretical knowledge - I got a midi keyboard which i am playing to develope melodys and chord progressions. Right now, for this sake of learning progress i started a Zelda remix of Song of Storms. I am heavely influenced by the remix of big giant circles feat. Jeff Ball (the string arrangements in particular!) and wanted to try to approach that remix by listening to the original and that remix. In the beginning all went fine. Since the song seems to have its emphasis around the "D" i approached it with a Dorian Church Mode but when i came to the second part of the melody , not one of my chords that i tried seemed to fit. I wanted to do it without a midifile but i thought for checking out whats going on it would be of a great help but i got even more confused when i looked at it in cubase. The notes in the 7th and 8th bar of the "Tango accordion" and "accordion" make no sense to me. I thought about different other scales ( like the harmonic minor scale even though the melody doesnt sound arabic)and came to the conclusion that it must be some song writing technique that i am not familiar with other doesnt comes to mind ( i should have known when i picked a Zelda Song. Oh, what fool i have been!). Only the step from bar 8 to 9 makes sense for me because it is a 5th leading to the prime. When i hear the midi it sounds "right" but it still could be the wrong approach. Thats the point where i come to my TLDR: TLDR: Can someone figure out what happens in the 7th and 8th bar of the 2 accordion instruments in this midi regarding the harmony. For which scale (or church mod) is this song written? Midi:
  5. So shreddage works inside the kontakt player which is a plugin VSTI, right? Good to know that it worked with Cubase 5 and 7, that sold it for me. =) Thanks for the answers , guys.
  6. I am thinking about to buy this one. The only question for me: Does this one work with cubase 6? I checked zircon´s post and the website but the only thing i see is "kontakt player". Is it a traditional VSTi plugin?
  7. Hmm, about that Guild Wars thingy: From all the instruments i have experienced up to know i would intuitively say that it is a Sitar (indish String Instrument) which is played in this track at a quite low register. When it comes to video game music i really like it in the Boss Music of Bastion (it is played on higher registers there.)
  8. Shame on you for almost got me to dance in my sportstudio when i first listened to BiB while my training! This song is a stand out and really lives upon the fact that your vocals are so damn enthusiastic. I love the "smooth as honey"-line after the breakdown when you get really energetic and drag it from low to high! Keep on groovin'!
  9. Thank you for your reply. Yes, because it is that coverish i wouldnt ask if it could be an official OCR track, but i think it is quite good to use this forums as feedback. I know what you mean with the guitars, it is an expression-thing of the bass-player, i also like the higher note in the original. I am just playing the harmonics of the melody.
  10. Hi everyone, when i have listened to the new remix-albums here on OCR i thought about posting my newest rmx/cover here. About me I am from germany and did some drum covers of other videogame stuff on my youtube channel. Five months ago i came in contact with a british bass player who asked me for a collab for this track and he did bass and most of the guitars on this one. It is surely not good enough for official OCR because it is a double-playthrough of the original and by that means not "really" creative (but we didnt play over the original and actually made a new midi track), but i hope some people enjoy it and leave a comment, because we really would like constructive comments on the mix. (from which i that we managed it quite good). Maybe some of you also enjoy the video where we show our one-takes. (in our next project with improved video quality ; ) Our focus on this cover was that we did one-takes of our instruments and you will notice that the mix gives bass and drums the advantage and leaves the guitars a little bit in the background. You could say it comes close to the black mages version with lesser soli ( we are not friends of to much soli that make a song meaningless ) and more double bass. For the video check: For the MP3 check:!download|384p12|523615419|Final Fantasy VIII - Force your way Metal cover by Poplington%26Truemas.mp3 Thanks to everyone who clicks it and also leaves constructive comments here!
  11. Yeah, i just got through the Strings section yesterday and after googling all the words , everything became quite clear. It was really mind-opening , especially the chording of the Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass was great to know. Also i never knew what "Harmonics" where. I never thought about that stopping a string creates a colder flute like timbre, but when i read it through it totally makes sense and ive heard it a hundred times before. Finally, getting through this stuff needs some research on some terms, but its definite worth the time!
  12. @moseph: You brought me to an interesting thought: I really dont know how many horns are involved in the ensemble (so its called patch, not sample? ). So chording, them if they really contain all instruments of a given section of the orchestra, is indeed ridiculous. Unfortunately my manual is in the boxes from my last move from my flat, so i try to find some answers about this in the Motu Forum. But, taking not more than 2 ensemble patches of the same type similary sounds like a good rule of thumb.
  13. I thank you both for answering! @dannthr: Thats what ive done in my 2 attemps i made up till now. Ive done a melody based on a lead violin and one thats playing the bass tone ( maybe i switched to a string, i have to look ) and then orchestrated the melody with string and horn ensembles. ( maybe i chorded the horns as solo instruments, i really should look again into it, its been some time ...) Somehow i thought at first too: "Well i should just do what sounds good for ME" but then also theres that strive for perfection which i almost have when doing something. i dont now what you meant with your "hows that in german style?" but i think i know whats the meaning of "pre-recorded-music-era" , you also tried to describe a word you didnt know? =) @Dissidia: That will be of great help, i will at least start to read it and usually ive got the willpower to get through things im really interested in, even if they arent THAT easy to understand. Thank you! Edit: I just started to read the first course and i have to say that its really hard and maybe needs some understanding of some things before it ( i dont understand that divisi routine and whats a double stop? ) Well maybe i need more basics first... Helpful was the comment on strings that play cords with more than 2 notes need some time to get full into the chord. ( I guess the bow needs the swing from left to right and then from right to left, but thats a vague guess... )
  14. Fortunately the Music Composition threads are overviewable ( is THAT an existing word? Sorry , i tend to use german grammar in my english ) and so after some search ( there was a thread close to my idea but not completely fitting ) i think i can do a thread about this without bringing out stuff which has been told in 347163458213 other threads before.(feel free to tell me if im wrong ) But lets get to the point. Ive got the following programs: Cubase Essential 5 and Mark of the Unicorn ( Motu ) Symphonic Instruments. For quite some months i want to compose something orchestral. I studied the way an orchestra is set up. Im quit good in listening out instruments ( though not notes ) but there is something that ceeps me from doing more than midi rips: My unsureness of excactly harmonise the instrument together so that ( that the most important point for me here ) its true to a real orchestra. Let me explain my selfdoubt: (The questions im telling me ) Im unsure when to use an ensemble ( like woodwind, strings, horns ) or just put some single instruments together to a chord. Whats sounding more like a real orchestra would do? And then, when i try to fill up the frequency band with deeper and higher tones (by playing the same chord or melody an octave higher or lower) can i use a second ensemble of the same type? One more: Are ensembles even used for chords?I think i can use 2 Strings ensembles because theres a first and second strings in one of the wings, if i am not mistaken ( i maybe remember its the left wing , viewed from the audience ). Maybe the essential question for me is when to use single instruments and when to use ensembles. I hope youre guessing out whats my problem. Im unsure if im ( sounds kinda like a pun, and yes, i love to write in brackets =) "keeping it real". That leads me to a thread topic like this with the main question: HOW TO COMPOSE LIKE A REAL ORCHESTRA PLAYS I hope to hit some nerv, mainly of the newer wanna be composers like me, because this is the reason for allways delaying my attemp to compose ( even just remixing! ) stuff. I also have a yamaha PSR E413 ( its a not THAT expensive home keyboard but it has velocity dynamic, i hope thats the right word ... or touch-dynamic? And it works in my cubase , which i use mainly for my Roland TD12 VDrum and Superior Drummer 2) and basic experience of harmonics, scales and such things but also the thaught of "im surely doing it wrong" and "it surely sounds awkward after all" I hope some of the experienced orchestra composers stumble over this thread and can give some explanation of how they are doing their compositions and if they are even paying attention to such things im thinking about. I got some tips in other threads ( like panning instruments like a real orchestra is arranged by their seats ) but not quite excactly that what im looking for. I maybe typed to much, but i hope it touches a heart or two, it really means a lot to me! ( my main fear is that ive missed a thread and everyones going "Ah not again such a thread" after watching... ) Thanks in advance
  15. I know this thread has some days upon its back and i think everyone has listen to the Black Mages version right now, which is one of their best ones, imo. Its also a track i allways wanted to do some Metal drumming for... after i did Grand Cross... =p
  16. it could be inspired by the Trigun ( the Anime ) OST where theres also such chaotic funky breakbeat music. It isnt that new to me as for, maybe, others , but its nontheless quite well executed and well done. I really love this remix!
  17. Hi everyone, ill try to keep this short, but i dont make promises Im Drumming since 8 years now and 4 of them also on an E-Drum ( V-Drum: Roland TD12 , samples of my work follow later on) My Music Experience: Im quite into older and newer Genre of Rock and Metal, im also used to rythms of many world music types, because im musicaly open minded. I really enjoy playing progressive music with odd time signatures ( 7/8th 7/4th and so on =) and my favourite bands are Dream Theater and Symphony X. My Game Experience: My first games i played on huge casettes on the C+4 then switching to the C64 then Amiga 500/1200 and then to the Game Boy and SNES and some symphonic newer gaming music ( though i like the Uematsu Final Fantasy Prog Rock style most ) so i like everything from Chip Tunes to newer epic orchestration =) My Equipment and experience with DAWs: With my V-Drums i use a Laptop with legal copies of Cubase 5 Essentials and Toontracks Superior Drummer 2 ( Avatar and The Metal Foundry Drumkits ) i also did some Midi-Rip re-orchestration with Mark of the Unicorn ( Motu ) ( The Tracks i re-orchestrated where "What the Forrest taught me" of Secret of Mana and "Save the World" of Final Fantasy Legend 2. I know , i typed to much allready. =) Well, im interested to participate in projects which want/need some drumming done. I can deal with musical language and usually know what someone wants of me. Due to my quite good V-Drum theres, if needed, much human dynamic in the drumming but im also experienced in giving it a powerful triggered sound(adjusting velocity). ( usually i only trigger the base drum because of playing double bass ) Im also able to quantise my drumming into an existing project or play it flowing. Im also reliable when it comes down to deadlines if i promise to do it. Allright heres some work ive done, i know its youtube and the sound would be better on other platforms as mp3, but i want you to see that im actually really drumming the stuff you hear =) I also have 2 more covers of "Still more Fighting" from FF 7 and "The Oracle" of secret of mana on myspace, but the drum sounds (of the TD12 itself) and performance is way older and inferior to the newer stuff. Finally! You made it to the Link! : Oh, and maybe something of my Metal Band in which im playing: (check "Uberfail" ) PS: Excuse my bad english here and there. Its late here in germany , but i wanted to finish this tonight =)