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  1. Taxes are a wickedly complex subject. Just know that you are going to be 1099'd by your employer if you make $600 or more as an individual contractor, or if you make $10 or more in royalties. In order to properly identify you for the 1099, the company doing the deal with you should ask for forms I-9 and W-4.
  2. Good advice all around, in this topic. Realistically, if this is your first gig of this scale and you are an unproven entity, then I think you'll be better positioned to stick the landing on this job by not pushing too hard on the contract negotiation. You are making an investment in yourself, building a professional portfolio, while they (the company producing the game) are taking a risk on you and probably expect to pay you accordingly. That said, here are some general guidelines for making sure you don't get screwed: 1. If the pay is very low, you should keep ownership of the music. The
  3. I just got around to watching part 2. Man, that was depressing to see 25 minutes worth of examples of violence against women. I was hoping for a more... I suppose, "insightful" approach. Once again, I don't feel like I really learned anything new. But maybe I'm not really the primary intended audience, and that's okay. One of the big problems surrounding the issue of harmful female representation in gaming is that a lot of people are still denying it. A lot of dudes (and some dudettes such as KiteTales) think this stuff is no big deal, or that it can be solved with an attitude change in t
  4. There's so much I love about this song, I can't possibly list it all here. So crisp and groovy. "Augment" might have fit nicely between "No Regret" and "The End" on the Identity Sequence album, imo, but it also definitely stands on its own as one heck of a single. I certainly wouldn't object to hearing more in this style.
  5. I listened to the source first and wondered how the heck you were going to turn it into a full-length remix without pulling in an additional source. (Well, as it turns out, you did quote the main LoZ fanfare just a little bit, but still, nice job on a limited, tricky source). Stepping through it in real-time... 0:15-0:50, I feel, isn't evolving fast enough. Maybe I'm just impatient and this is a quality of the genre. I hear you added some percussive elements, but it's pretty subtle-- maybe too subtle. Similarly, 1:00-1:30 could use more variation in the third and fourth passes of the sourc
  6. The key issue for me is that the instrument/sample choices sound sort of "default" and, for lack of a better word, "midi-ish." I guess what I really mean by that is... the brass, drums and piano sound like older/synthy/fake versions of acoustic instruments, and they sound very mechanical (little to no variation in timing or dynamics). At the same time, as Melodious Punk pointed out, I think you could naturally evolve this remix into something more in the "9-bit" or "fake-bit" genre. But if you go that route, you gotta' commit-- no "half-way decent" samples, or it'll sound like midi. I imagin
  7. Thank you all soooo much! This is a ton of great info to go on. I think I've listened so many times with various elements soloed or muted, that I've kind of gotten used to hearing everything that's supposed to be there... so when I listen back with all of the tracks armed and enabled, my brain fills things in by memory when in fact my ears aren't really hearing them through the muddy mix. One of the many reasons that peer review is very helpful! 'Going to move this back to "work-in-progress" for a while, while I work on each of these issues and try out the suggestions.
  8. Wow... that post was eye-opening for me. This is the first truly thoughtful and persuasive criticism of Anita's work that I've come across (disclaimer: I haven't read most of this thread yet, so I'm not implying anything about the quality of the criticism contained within it thus far). I think that, because I'm part of the "choir" she's preaching to, most of these problematic phrases you dissected slipped right past me on my first viewing of Anita's video. When you already agree with the conclusions, it can be easy to overlook flaws or fill in the missing logical steps with your own outside
  9. I'm hoping to get some feedback before I flag this for mod review. Anything helps, even if it's just "it didn't really grab me, it was kinda' flat," if you took a quick listen and hit the back button on your browser. I could use some fresh ears on this-- any and all feedback is appreciated!
  10. Totally digging Y&R's "Nadie Tema." It's so fresh, young, and restless.
  11. I've had Zircon's "Identity Sequence" living in my car's CD player since last December, and I can hear the subtle influence. I'm getting a "The End" vibe from your remix, yet you've done plenty of your own thing with the remix and it sounds pretty darn original to me. I've definitely not heard "Lava Reef" done quite this way before either, so props for taking a relatively popular source and doing something new with it. The guitar intro is sweet. Nice ducking under the strings. No complaints on the strings. There's a good amount of complexity here, yet the mix is perfectly clear and not mudd
  12. Oh nice, the track I was interested in auditioning on is still open. I'll finally be able to start on it next week, once work dies down a bit. I've been doing some brainstorming and sample-hunting in the meantime, and I think I've got a concept for the parade song. And I don't say that as any kind of claim or pseudo-claim, of course, but I figured it would be good to restate my intention only so that I don't come across as a flake after my last post. =)
  13. Great advice. I played percussion in the local youth orchestra, growing up, and it really did wonders for my musical education. It also made me very good at counting measures for tens of minutes while I waited for my one bass drum note to come up, but that is beside the point. I highly recommend that you buy miniature score books for the songs that your orchestra is playing, and follow along while you're waiting to play. As for a favorite orchestral piece... well, my favorite piece when I was younger was Ravel's "Pictures at an Exhibition." To any ambitious pianists out there: I recommend
  14. I should add, I'm listening on really poor headphones at the moment, so the Midna's Lament piano may indeed be bright as Cosmic Sounds suggested. If so, I think that's a curious choice (given my limited knowledge, of course).
  15. I'm far from an expert on this, but I have some suggestions you could try. First, not all pianos and piano samples are created equal. Some are naturally "brighter" than others. It's hard to explain what that means precisely, but certain pianos have a little extra "sparkle" in the upper registers. One characteristic of a brighter tone is that the piano in question will be especially rich in the higher frequency range. Similarly, if you're adding your own reverb, that can also configured to be brighter, versus warmer/darker. "Bright" is what you want to avoid when going for a nighttime-ish, da
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