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Little Light Bulb


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Here it is...(it repeats from 1:23, so you can stop it playing from there if you want to)


This was inspired by a game (to-be) called 'Chroma'. Here's a video of some gameplay

Basically this song is my attempt at creating a piece that I think would fit the gamplay. Since I'm interested in composing for video games, I'd like to know how well people think the music and gameplay go together. Also, any general advice regarding the actual song will be of help, I'm sure.

I spent alot of time mixing and mastering, and avoided having too much going on at once (which is why it may sound a bit empty in places), since I have been very sloppy with mixing, mastering and instrumentation before.

This was made in Ableton Live 8, so any specific advice about making it sound more 'professional' would help, since I'm sure there must be something to make it sound even fuller.

Thanks for any comments/listening

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