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Mega Man 8 Frost Man Stage "Frostbite"

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Tada! http://soundcloud.com/tremendousfew/frostbite-mega-man-8-frost-man

Not the most original title, but hopefully all my creativity went into the track itself. :)

I've wanted to remix Frost man's stage music for a long time, and so I'm excited to have this track as developed as it is.

Feedback, please! I really want to improve my technique and skill... And I think OCRemix is a great ground for that. Let me know what you think! I want this thing to be presentable!

(Sources: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLUwCW3dm5U http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6ISsXnti24)

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Oh, hello Chill Penguin and Zelda flute quotes. I love this game, it needs a lot more love.. the OST is freaking fantastic

It seems that you've got an ear for mixing melodies! I really, really dig that :D BUT, the chords were static throughout, which makes for a bit of a boring listen :P The sidechaining is a cool idea though. The small tempo changes were a bit bothersome to me, they didn't really serve a purpose and the slower tempo seemed to drag a lot. I'd love to hear more energy pumped into this. Not really sure of the genre classification (trance I guess?), but I'm sure you can load this thing up with cool transitions, harder hitting drums, etc.

So let's start with the hard-hitting drums; if you want to keep it just bass drum, that's totally cool, but it's really weak as-is. You can probably bring up the volume a bit, put some compression on it, and lightly overdrive it as well to get some extra punch.

Then there's the chords... don't be afraid to vary them up and experiment a bit. As it is, it seems like there are pretty much no transitions, and the song is just in one big hunk. Cymbals and extra percussion hits (cymbals, tom-style drum stabs, etc.) can help with transitions too, I recommend just playing around with instrumentation.

I'm not a huge fan of that lead either... a rounded square or a square + sine would be more fitting. Out of curiosity (and a potential for me to be of more assistance), what DAW are you using?

Listening through again to the Chill Penguin segment, this has some potential to be a really cool chiptune-style piece, if you're into that sort of thing. Just a suggestion

Put s'more time into this thing! I'm pressed for time on a track I have to finish soon so I can't really get much more in-depth here, but I'd love for you to develop this some more and post a new version


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I agree, MM8 has a great soundtrack :D Astro man, anyone?

Thank you so much for your input, Phonetic Hero! I've already got some new ideas to try out next time I have a couple hours to pump into this thing.

When you say transitions, what do you mean exactly?

Haha, I totally didn't even realize I was quoting the warp whistle there! Natural overflow of years of game music, I guess :P

The DAW I'm using is Reaper. Such a step up from LMMS, what I was using before.

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Many thanks for all the help and suggestions, I've spent some more time on the track. I'm still not calling it done yet, so I would love to get some more feedback before I continue.

>> http://soundcloud.com/tremendousfew/frostbite-mega-man-8-frost <<

As per your suggestions I played around with the chords a bit and got rid of the tempo changes, and IMO it sounds scores better already. However I'm a little afraid that the first part of it may get too repetitive as it's the same one melody looped three times, but I am happy with the last of them before the break, I feel like it adds some good tension... Tell me though, is it not followed up well, EG is it too much suspense for too little payoff?

I know the ending is a little abrupt as well, that's not how I intend to leave it. I'm not entirely happy with the lines leading up to the ending, I feel like they may be a little... canned? (Not in sound but in idea, if that makes sense) So I am open to suggestions as to what I could do with it.

Thanks again so much!

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Hmm... You know what?...I actually prefer the faster fade in and harder ending that the first version had. It may be because the song is kind of straightforward and simple - and I mean that in an entirely good way. The bass fills up the scene but never gets old, and the melody is interesting enough that the song can sound fresh and creative even with a slow, basic beat. The way the first version got right into it and then stopped abruptly at the end (with no reverb, I mean) worked real well for the song's components, I think.

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I think the main problem is not the repetition but the fact that you're generally writing the song with the exact same notes as the source. It'd be in your best interest to create an arrangement that either takes nearly the exact same notes as the source and adds some ultra mega epic blow-your-face-off effects, or rearranges the notes so the song isn't so strikingly similar, yet it is personalized enough to call it an awesome rearrangement.

Keep trying. The non percussion has good dynamics, if you boost everything by about 3 dB.

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