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Axe FX - Yay or Nay?

Andy P

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Thinking about investing in an Axe Fx II, just wondered everyone's opinion on them.

Some of the stuff sounds great, and all the gigs I've been to where they've been used they sound amazing. Although there is the odd youtube video where the guitar tone makes me completely cringe.

Anyone had any experience on the Axe FX?

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I just bought an Axe-FX II a month or so ago and I gotta say it's the best investment I've ever made.

www.fractalaudio.com will show you some super-well-known musicians hailing this baby. Dave Mustain (Megadeth), John Petrucci (Dream Theater/Liquid Tension Experiment), Adrian Belew (King Crimson/Talking Heads/David Bowie), etc. They just updated the firmware and it sounds killer! I'm selling my Line 6 Spider IV amp since I won't be needing it anymore. Of course, if you wanna play with the Axe-FX live, you're gonna need a cab and a power amp. But if you're using it for a home studio (like me) just plug it into the mixer! It also has a software called Axe-Edit (that's FREE!) where you can use your computer to edit your tones and FX without looking at the itty bitty screen on the unit itself.

There's SOOOOO MUCH that you can do with the thing! Like TONE MATCHING! Wanna sound like your favorite guitarist? You can come seriously close to their tone using Tone Matching. More on that here:

Then they have FX like arpeggiator and stuff that open you up to even MORE possibilities. Of course, their website has all that info.

I went looking for a great tube amp at Guitar Center by my house and asked them what they thought of the Axe-FX. The guy said, "Bah! It still sounds digital and it's not worth it. Here! Buy this Egnator amp!" After making my decision in buying the Axe-FX I know now that that young'un ameteur didn't know what the fuck he was talking about. Sure Egnator is a great amp, but I think I came out on top with my choice.

It's down to 2199.99 at Fractal. With shipping it came out to 2236.64 I think. 500 less than what it was. If you can grab it. GRAB IT!

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