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This War Between Us


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Hey all it's been a while :D,

A couple of years back, I was developing a music pack for game developers but put the project aside for other endeavors. Fortunately for me that was a good thing. Recently, I’ve taken the time to revitalize one of the tracks. I originally did the track in 2008 and have the original there so you can see the difference (and all the things it suffered from). Check out what 4 years has done :D

The track was intended to be a battle theme for RPG style games. The original version only had one theme, while the new version has three. The first was intended for normal battle, the second for ascended battle (maybe the character released a new power, or a secret boss pops up), and the third was another ascended battle theme (almost like a final rush to end the long boss battle).

This track will be available to buy for leasing really soon and it will come with PT session.



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Hey man, this is a pretty awesome track, the 2012 version definitely has more of a bite to it, in a good way. It's clean, the guitars shine through the mix, the brass samples are a little weak, but the percussion in general is very nice. Everything feels like where it should be and the overall product is smooth. Very cohesive. I dig, look forward to hearing more.

Best of luck in your future productions. :D

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