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Australian games with interesting audio?


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I'm asking the community for some suggestions because I'm looking for help in finding a submission to a journal for my graduate work.

Are there any Australian-made video games with interesting sound and/or music? The only thing I could come up with offhand was Beam Software's "Nightshade" for NES as precursor to "Shadowrun" on SNES...which is a bit of a stretch.

Anything, even a bigger pool of Australian (or New Zealand) made games to check out would be helpful.

Edit: Related: Does anyone have any idea of how the Australian censorship of games has impacted audio in Australian ports?

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Interesting question. I don't have much in the way of musical taste, but I think I can help with finding Austalian games.

...20 minutes later...

Video game companies of Australia

Video game companies of New Zealand

nnooo, an Australian developer which doesn't seem to be listed in the above links. They made Pop and escapeVektor. For what it's worth, the soundtracks to both games are available for sale.

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Look into de Blob. Whilst I haven't played it, I recall reading interesting things about it's use of music with the gameplay.

So in de Blob 1 & 2, you go through places that have been robbed of their color. Your character, among other things, sucks up paint of various colors and then runs into buildings to recolor them.

Each stage theme has several versions that swap in and out depending on your progress: the more painted the area around you is, the more lively the BGM is. I'm fairly sure each stage is hard divided into subareas for that purpose, rather than the game dynamically determining how painted your immediate surroundings are. I believe the original game had 3 versions of each theme and the sequel had more.

When you paint something, the accompanying sound effect is actually a short musical riff that depends on your color: one color is saxophone, another is guitar, etc. There are a bunch of riffs for each color. I want to say they're synched with the beat of the background music too, but I'd have to check.

There may be more neat or subtle music/SFX things the games do that I'm not remembering.

Some interviews with the composer that may or may not help: de Blob / de Blob 2.

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