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  1. aaron p. matthews - Mike's Graduation: StarTropics DJ Starfish - Atsui no Taiyo: Golden Sun DrSeuss - Savior: The Guardian Legend Goolancer - Release Your Mind (Horror Mix): beatmania completeMIX 2 Nemo - Last Gasp: Mega Man 6 Werewolf - Airbase - Heavyarms: Gundam Wing: Endless Duel
  2. I really like Hiroki Morishita's music for Heroes. If you like it, check out what he did for FE Awakening and Fates too, or vice versa!
  3. So the process went something like this: Being a huge nerd who spends way too much time on VGMdb, I knew that M.S is a sometimes-game composer who writes a lot of original chiptunes. (This one specifically I'm pretty sure is a PC-88 tune written for Masahiro Kajihara's PMD.) Since Liontamer already went through M.S's discography on VGMdb and didn't find a song with that name, I loaded up his defunct site in the Wayback Machine to see if he used to have either a discography/works page (in case the song was on an album that's not in VGMdb yet or from a game without a soundtrack album) or a free music download page. And sure enough, the song was there in his original FM music section. Luckily, the actual audio file itself was archived as well; a lot of times the web pages will be saved but the music downloads will be dead. Honestly, like 90% of the time my research trick is just "used the Wayback Machine in the right place."
  4. It's an original, fake RPG song by that person Liontamer linked, M.S. As the animation says at the bottom, the title is just "An Encounter." Archived download: http://web.archive.org/web/20051226105149/http://sgd.sakura.ne.jp/mus/ms_88_enc.mp3
  5. Do you have permission to / were you planning to release Soshiro Hokkai's music too?
  6. Gario's got the business down, so I just want to say this: It's working, trust me. A lot of people are going to dig this.
  7. It's a demo for Factor 5's MusyX system. IGN posted two of them, one by Hulsbeck and one by Rudolf Stember: http://www.ign.com/articles/2000/08/24/the-sounds-of-the-game-boy-advance (Thanks for never changing the filename from chris_gba.mp3 because that was the only reason I was able to find this)
  8. It's also present in Undyne's amped up themes "NGAHHH!!" and "Spear of Justice," and I think the other Waterfall overworld theme "Quiet Water" is supposed to be a loose version of it too. Given most of its uses are for Waterfall maps and a character who lives there, it makes the most sense to me as a general theme for the area, and I'm not really sure there's a deeper meaning behind it being in "Ruins" too. I'm definitely open to theories, but I'm willing to buy it's there just because Toby likes how it sounds. I believe this is only present in "Heartache" and "ASGORE." Since Toriel and Asgore were married, I think the meaning is pretty direct here.
  9. The first and third themes of the pacifist route final boss, "Hopes and Dreams" and "SAVE the World," prominently include Flowey's theme, "Your Best Friend"1. In the final phase, as you touch Asriel's soul and he regains his emotions and himself, Flowey's theme goes away and the music switches to "His Theme," which the title basically asserts is Asriel's true theme. The music box version "Memory" playing in the cutscene right after reinforces this. The neutral route final boss theme "Finale" includes both Flowey's and Asriel's motives in the same song, which is sly as hell. 1: In both songs, "Your Best Friend" is also set as a countermelody to the main theme seen in "Once Upon a Time" et al., which is possibly worth commenting on in its own right.
  10. Expanding what's being cited here (for zircon in particular I guess): Leigh Alexander has said some unfortunate things on Twitter: talking negatively about "hood" people a few times and an "Irish people drink a lot" joke (sorry that Encyclopedia Dramatica is somehow the best reference for this). The tweets are 2+ years old and I'm honestly unsure if there are any more recent remarks than those, but every time I've seen a "Leigh Alexander is a racist" comment it's been referencing one or more of those five tweets. About Steve Sawyer (@RevueMage): http://i.imgur.com/qsUhEWX.jpg. He was crashing with his girlfriend a few days while looking for his own place, and by his own admission the relationship was not going particularly smoothly. About a week later, he's physically forced out of the apartment by his girlfriend's friends because they found his Twitter account, decided he was a misogynist due to GG activity, and wanted to remove him from his girlfriend's life. He doesn't think they're involved with opposing GG in any way, but were acting on whatever they found. He's said he was going to file a police report. Can we not compare anything that's happened around GG with nine hundred years of rumors that Jewish folks murder children and harvest their blood? That would be swell, thanks.
  11. Episode 4 is up, dedicated to Sega. Features interviews with Hiroshi Kawaguchi (early arcade works) and Yuzo Koshiro (Streets of Rage).
  12. Episode 2 is out! It features Konami and Sunsoft NES games. Unfortunately they didn't interview any Konami sound staff (ultimate sad face), but they talked with Masashi Kageyama about Gimmick and that's neat. They don't mention the name of the music label that Nobuhiro Yoshikawa is the producer for; it's Clarice Disc: http://vgmdb.net/org/829. They've released a lot of really cool compilations.
  13. Junko Ozawa is a badass, really glad to see this video giving her some credit and spreading the word (with results in this thread, even). Her showing off her waveform book was AMAZING. I was really pleasantly surprised at the quality of this: the production is great and the info is—well, sadly my bar for this kind of thing is so low that I'd be happy if it's merely mostly accurate, but it's not just accurate but good. Hally was an excellent person to get on board because he knows everything, and man, Hiroshi Okubo wiring up that board to a keyboard just to show off the sounds. Absolutely looking forward to the rest of these.
  14. CHz

    Happy game music

    is my go-to when I need an enormous, goofy smile ASAP.
  15. Most of the score is highly questionable, but the live orchestra credits theme is outstanding (way better than anything from the original Capcom soundtrack IMO): . This Niigaki guy is credited as the conductor and presumably wrote most or all of it.The soundtrack album also has a couple of original pieces, a solo organ thing and a ten minute piano sonata, that are also super duper good. How they and the in-game BGM were written by the same person has been a mystery to me for a long time, but a ghostwriter might finally be a solution.
  16. Ooh yeah, "Aeropolice" is a bad translation that used to be on a bunch of VGM reference sites. Should've always been "Aeropolis."
  17. To clarify about its use: as I understand it, the song was written for television commercials for the game. Original advertising songs like this are pretty common in Japan for video games and other media.
  18. Yeah, messaging other users on Tumblr is kind of a pain. I think the intended method of communication between users is posting/reblogging, and I didn't think reblogging your posts just to correct some composers was entirely ideal. You don't have any contact info up, so I made do with what I could find! =D Since you're a jazz writer and professed fan of the Paper Mario: Sticker Star soundtrack, I'd love to see you pick apart the Bowser Snow Statue boss theme: .
  19. Neat, I'm completely butt at theory but I love reading stuff like this. He botched some composers though (Kondo didn't write Gusty Garden or Pikmin); sent him some corrections through the Tumblr askbox WE'LL SEE WHAT HAPPENS For anyone who wasn't around four years ago, we had a thread where Gario and some other folks did analysis like this: [thread]23673[/thread].
  20. Dude yessssssssssssssss This arrangement is still beastly excellent five years later. Great genre transformation of my favorite piece from the Metroid series. I am so hyped it finally got rerendered. <3
  21. The trailer song is not virt's: https://twitter.com/virtjk/status/315218015773937665.
  22. Kamek's theme from Yoshi's Island:
  23. I'm calling my lawyer right now.
  24. So in de Blob 1 & 2, you go through places that have been robbed of their color. Your character, among other things, sucks up paint of various colors and then runs into buildings to recolor them. Each stage theme has several versions that swap in and out depending on your progress: the more painted the area around you is, the more lively the BGM is. I'm fairly sure each stage is hard divided into subareas for that purpose, rather than the game dynamically determining how painted your immediate surroundings are. I believe the original game had 3 versions of each theme and the sequel had more. When you paint something, the accompanying sound effect is actually a short musical riff that depends on your color: one color is saxophone, another is guitar, etc. There are a bunch of riffs for each color. I want to say they're synched with the beat of the background music too, but I'd have to check. There may be more neat or subtle music/SFX things the games do that I'm not remembering. Some interviews with the composer that may or may not help: de Blob / de Blob 2.
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