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Brandon Strader

People with Gaming Sites -- get advertising cash

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People with gaming-related website/blogs, here is something that could earn you a little spending money.

So, obviously this will sound like a crazy proposition, but rather than just ignore this message I felt like I would share it with you all. I can assure you this is 100% legit as I have done this with my own website and this is a trusted advertiser in my opinion. So anyway, here's the message:


How are you Brandon? Hope you are doing well today. My name is Isabel and if you can still recall we successfully concluded an advertising deal on your site

I'm now emailing you to discuss a new business proposition.

If you can refer me to anyone you know who owns websites willing to host ads similar to the one we put on your site, we can allocate a referral bonus for EACH successful deal. The setup will be:

- You will be the main point person whom I will be sending the advert details to.

- When you refer sites we'll review them and let you know which ones we can advertise on. I'd appreciate if you could exclude free blog platforms and use your site as the standard of quality when referring websites. The blogs would have to come from the following niches so we can already assign a client: Health, Fashion, Travel, Finance, and Gaming - which is the biggest campaign we currently have.

- I will send advert details and placement instructions to you for each approved sites that you will forward to the site owners. Send me a confirmation email upon advert placement.

Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to your list.

Best regards,


A couple points to make -- my website has wordpress installed on my server. I assume by "free blogs" they mean they are not interested in ones you simply signed up for, like tumblr, livejournal, or non-installed wordpress.

I successfully completed an advertisement on my website and received $130 USD. I can confirm this is real, although I also thought it was too good to be true at the time. If anyone has any questions or is interested feel free to ask or post your website links here.

We're talking $100 USD for each successful ad, easily.

The advertisement they had me place on my site (within a NORMAL blog post)

My site

If this type of post is not allowed then that's ok. But I trust these folks and I know it could turn into money for a lot of people here who need it, myself included. Thanks. :ocrgreen:

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It has to be an in-text advertisement? It can't be a box picture in a prominent corner of the site?

I wouldn't mind a reasonable amount of hosting other ads, but that particular method seems more sleazy than others. I would not like to slip in an ad to confuse people into clicking it like that because it ruins the main point of whatever unrelated topic I was talking about.

If they have other methods though I might be interested. What kind of web traffic do you need to get to qualify though?

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People with gaming-related website/blogs, here is something that could earn you a little spending money.

You sold out, man. Whatever happened to the indie Brandon Strader website you used to dream about?

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