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in theory - illuminate (non-profit jazz/epic album, free single available now!!)

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after roughly a year-long hiatus from all things music, i'm excited to announce my second album, "illuminate"!

the first single off this album is titled "genesis", and is a framing of the three-way intersection between the biblical account of creation, the standard model of modern cosmology, and recent trends in the philosophy of time. perhaps more than anything, i wanted to instill in this the sense of wonder and awe we would feel if we were able to turn back the dial of time and collectively witness the mighty hand of God bringing into being the created order.

i also want to thank everybody again who supported my debut effort. the general response from everyone blew my wildest expectations. you can still grab it for free here:

thanks for listening!

- in theory/peter/melody..

link to the free single:

music video for genesis:

more info on my facebook page:

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Awesome! That new song is pretty awesome. I love the sound of that guitar and how it just melts into the rest of the soundscape you developed. I loved your first album, so I'll be looking forward to this one as well! :mrgreen:

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