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  1. Here is some of my artwork that I've done for myself and for some clients. I'm available for paid freelance work so if you are interested or know someone looking for some artwork, hit me up! Otherwise enjoy the art that I have here. Here's my website.
  2. If anyone has old Electronic Gaming Monthly issues that are in good condition (minor wear and tear are ok) then I'll be happy to take them off of your hands. Specifically looking for issues 1-8, 10, 13-15, 17-25, 28, 39, 47, 49, 50.
  3. I love the art style and sprite work there. I won't back it but I'll buy it when (if) it's released.
  4. This looks very bad and overly ambitious. If he was serious about this he would have collaborated with a programmer (or cook something up in an established engine or something) to create a proof of concept. He has one shitty piece of concept art that is quite frankly very dull and unexciting and a mock up render of some town square. Kickstarter can be a very good thing but I think it's being used a little too much lately.
  5. People need to stop being so goddamned talented and releasing fantastic music for free! I don't have the time to catch up on all of the amazing music being released! Awesome stuff Melody, serious.
  6. Awesome! Thanks for this! Although, I do miss some of the removed tracks. Wasn't there a website that has all of the removed OCR tracks? I'd like to have some of the missing ones even if they're not in the torrents.
  7. Well, I already have two albums on that bundle, but I can't resist chiptunes. Bought for $5!
  8. That would be interesting. Would it be possible to keep the information in the file or would the user have to fill it in themselves? I would totally use something like that, as long as it's not too difficult and/or time consuming to implement.
  9. I definitely like the first album and I hope this epic double album can live up to expectations. I'm definitely going to try to catch them in concert as well. They're first time in the States from what I understand.
  10. I prefer my chiptunes in MP3 format, only because of the universality of the format. That Game Music Appreciation site is really awesome though. I certainly use it when I want to listen to older game soundtracks.
  11. I wish you could duck in the game. Otherwise I enjoyed the demo and will probably buy it.
  12. I'd be surprised if it's an actually remake. It'll most likely be a rerelease with high resolution textures, Trophy support, HD support and smoother framerate. By the way FFXII > FFX
  13. NBA Jam got a remake. A new Contra game came out - Hard Corps: Uprising.
  14. Probably, but it could be expanded upon by explaining why you want to see the game remade and how you would want to see it remade. Or maybe a sequel or whatever.
  15. They remade FFIV, several times and gave it some story expansions. VI has only been ported to PSone and GBA with no real changes or updates.
  16. Guitar Freaks - Fire by Mutsuhiko Izumi This is the long version, other than an extended intro and outro, it's the same song. I really loved playing this song when Gameworks had Guitar Freaks.
  17. No, it's related to a previous firmware update which Major Nelson pointed out. The original story told that it was a new update (released today, May 19), which allows the 360 to access 1GB of space on the discs was messing up systems, when that was not the case. The previous update may cause your system not to read discs, but it has nothing to do with the discs themselves. It was just a poorly researched article that many game sites just copied paste from each other.
  18. False alarm! When I first read the article, I was kind of hoping that my 360 was bricked to get a new shiny one. But then I remembered that I might be out of a lot of save games and I don't want that.
  19. I definitely cared when they tried to make Looney Tunes edgy. Looney Tunes hasn't really been good since the late '40s, early '50s. And they are far more valuable to animation, in my opinion, than the Flinstones are. Then again, I just hate virtually everything Hanna Barbara has done.
  20. Does it matter? I never really liked Flinstones and I hate Seth MacFarlane's shows, so this announcement I really don't give a fuck about.
  21. I'd say that the music I listen to helps create my identity. I'm a metalhead and I enjoy the culture of heavy metal; wearing black band shirts, long hair, boots and leather jackets. I wouldn't wear spikes outside of a Halloween or performing live setting since they are impractical and could probably get me a lot of unwanted attention, especially from authorities. Despite the number of band shirts that I own, I have a sizable amount of video game shirts as well that reflect my love of video games and its music. Personality-wise, I don't think music has really affected or influenced my behavior. I've always tended to be a bit of an introvert, especially in a new setting but when I'm with good friends or at least very comfortable with my surroundings, I'm pretty out going.
  22. Sega won't enter the hardware market again. At least, not on the home console end as that costs billions of dollars just to create, market and maintain it. And the viability of home consoles in the near future is in question. I doubt they'd jump into the handheld market as well as they'll get dominated by Nintendo and Apple. There's no real point for Sega to enter any hardware market; their IPs are not unique enough to justify purchasing a console for them unlike for Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony. But if we're gonna ask a former console maker to jump back in, why not have NEC and SNK join back in?
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