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Bitstream - iOS line racing game with original soundtrack by halc!


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Hey guys!


So.. I'm a video game composer now!! Bitstream just released on the App Store today. It's a quirky little line racing game with trippy, vector style graphics and reactive music and sound effects that accompany the on-screen action.

You can find the game here (or just search Bitstream in the App Store from your iDevice) for free, or $1 for an expanded version with more racetracks: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bitstream/id515830185

The OST is available here: http://halc.bandcamp.com/album/bitstream-original-soundtrack

PHYSICAL COPIES ARE AVAILABLE and in limited supply, so get yours before they're all gone! ;) only $5 a pop + shipping, images are available on the Bandcamp page. digital downloads are pay-what-you-want.

please please try out the game if you own an iDevice, and if you enjoy it, please tell your friends, spread the word; anything you can do to help support Bitstream is highly appreciated!

Thank you and enjoy the game and music!! :D



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