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Game Music Bundle 4


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They added two more items to $10 and over tier (Hotline Miami EP and POP:ME1), and also added seven more days to the counter.

The $10 tier bonus list:

  • Hotline Miami: The Takedown EP
  • POP:ME1
  • Joypad Records EP
  • Skyrim: Main Theme cover by Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens
  • Kanto Symphony EP
  • Adventures in Pixels
  • Jottobots

I thought the previous GMB's $10 tier rewards were such a horn o' plenty, that this ones looked quite pale in comparison (though the main offering was very good). Now it's starting to sound much more like it. Of course, that's just comparing it to previous bundles.. it's all way worth more than $10. Not that I could give more than $1 this time, quite sadly.

Check it out folks, it's good stuff.


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