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Kirby Super Star "Marshmallow Castle" remix


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This has a nice sound, but it's pretty much the same as the original. Vary things up a bit, throw a couple new ideas into it. For starters, think about adding some chords playing behind the lead instruments. Synth pads, that rock organ, or I could see a choir working as well. Maybe you could write in a piano part as accompaniment with some jazzy arpeggios. Be creative! :)

Also, add some reverb to the instruments on the melody (clarinet and horn?) and definitely on the music box. That would help fill the sounds out and make them sound less synth-y.

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Thanks for the feedback, I think adding some remix to this remix was an improvement. I wasn't sure I'd be able to get this song sounding enough like itself to be happy with it, so I think I got ahead of myself once I felt like it was working.

Here it is with some added jazziness.

Version 3 (Version 2 was essentially the same but a little less interesting, so I didn't post it.)

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