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Constant DNS lookup issues


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So it started a little while ago, but all PC's on the network are now experiencing constant DNS lookup (I think) issues. Basically, I'll try to go to a website, and the "Server not found" message shows up in firefox (chrome shows the more helpful "dns issue" message). Retrying will either fail again or load the page without any style (i.e. white background, blue links, etc...). Retrying it again will usually work. This happens constantly - I can almost never go to a page and it will work. This happens with all web traffic, not just through browsers (i.e. steam, windows update, etc...). The thing is, if I'm downloading a large file, as long as the download starts, it will finish, but I can also get dns lookup errors through other sites even if I am downloading a file.

Does anyone know how to troubleshoot? I'm not really sure how to search for this through google, and I've unplugged my router and modem (while I was on vacation 2 weeks, so it was definitely unplugged for enough time to reset). I don't think this would be a router issue but instead related to my ISP?


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