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Suikoden I + Possibly More

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Suikoden I - The Grand Gate Rune Wars (WIP name)

Hello Remixers, I’m Samuel of the Suikoden Revival Movement and I wanted to pitch a few album ideas your way in hopes that you’ll help make this project a reality. I was thinking on directing a multi-album Suikoden project and applying themes to each game based on the most dominant cultural indicator in the game. I’ll bring up the other album ideas if this one gets good feedback, so hear me out, would you please?

The first game I was going to suggest is, of course, Suikoden I - the one that started the franchise off! I’m open to suggestions (since this will be my first time directing anything) but I was hoping to have remixes span the entire soundtrack from the game (allowing medleys and so on - no restrictions!) but as far as style, I’m at a bit of a stand still.

As I am new to directing, I don’t know how this album should be handled and I was wanting to simply say that, based on what I’ve heard from Maverick Rising, Random Encounters and 25 Year Legend and Badass Boss Themes, I can safely state everyone’s capable of a broad amount of musical styling!

With Suikoden, I was envisioning styles of rock, jazz, orchestral and such in time with heavier oriental themes that are found from some of the tracks in the game. I do have the full track listing available too, and I suppose I should post that as well.

If anyone’s interested, too, a website to host the downloads and such from would be awesome, seeing as it’d give fans of you remixers a place to go download the music and members of the Movement something to flock too, as well! Artists welcome, too, for original art and designs.

Also, if anyone’s willing to help me direct, please do. Maybe some kind veterans would lend me aid so I can become a directing semi-pro?

Before I list the tracks, I wanted to thank anyone interested ahead of time because, as a person, I’d love to chance to work with many great artists and people such as yourselves, and it’d also mean a lot to the Movement. We’re dedicated to raising awareness to Konami and we’re stressing to them to revive the series and to localize newer entries, as well as stressing for other things Suikoden related.

Now, how about those track titles!

Into a World of Illusion (Opening)

Beginning Theme

Royal Palace Consultation

Eternal Empire

Beautiful Golden City

Main Theme Arrangement ~ Guitar

Fly, Black!

Black Forest

Touching Theme

Tiny Characters in a Huge World

Distant Mountain


Confrontation with Monsters

Victory Theme

Rock Rockland

Theme of Tension - Ensemble

Theme of Sadness - Ensemble

Eternal Flow

Joy Joy Time


Mysterious Forest

People of Great Pride

Theme of Despair

Peaceful People

Rising Tide

Theme of Perversion

This Sweetie is the Town Treasure

Theme for a Narcissist

Gorgeous Scarleticia

Dancing Girl


Premonition of Victory

An Explosive Situation

Theme of Sadness - Guitar

Within the Silence

Gathering the Warriors

Theme of Tension - Impact Version

This is Just a Rumor

Forgotten Days


Main Theme Arrangement - Ensemble

Island Fortress

Glorious Island Fortress

Blue Ocean, Blue Sky

An Old Irish Song


Theme of a Moonlit Night

Theme of the Advancing Army

Echoes of the Changing Past

Ultimate Enemy

Theme of Tension - Tama-dator


Avertuneiro Antes Lance Mao - After the Battle



I can supply any tracks needed for listening, just PM me the ones you need and I’ll email them. Or I can find a way to help you. Or, erm, you could locate them yourself rendering me slightly useless. I jest.

But yeah, feel free to discuss with me anything that needs to be…help me and I’ll help you. Hope to hear from you ladies and gentlemen.

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