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OC ReMix Presents Kirby Super Star: Milky Way Wishes!

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OC ReMix Presents Kirby Super Star: Milky Way Wishes

March 11, 2013

Contact: press@ocremix.org

FAIRFAX, VA--OverClocked ReMix today released its 38th arrangement album, Milky Way Wishes: A Kirby Super Star Tribute. This album was made as a tribute to Kirby Super Star, released in 1996 for the SNES, and its original music by Jun Ishikawa and Dan Miyakawa. It features 23 tracks by 21 artists arranged in styles including chiptune, rock, ambient, folk, hip hop, and ska, and is OC ReMix's second album dedicated to Nintendo's pink puffball following 2005's Kirby's Adventure: Rise of the Star. Milky Way Wishes also includes diverse, storybook-style visual artwork by a dedicated group of fans, inspired by the plot of Kirby Super Star. The album is available for free download at http://milkyway.ocremix.org.

This album was produced to help promote video game music, was made by fans, for fans, and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Nintendo or HAL Laboratory; all original compositions are copyright their respective owners.

Alongside co-director Drew "halc" Wheeler, who organized most of the album's later progress, Niraj "Arek the Absolute" Sharma directed Milky Way Wishes for nearly 8 years, OC ReMix's longest-running development period for an album. "What an amazing journey this has been," Sharma recalled. "Suffice to say, the production of this was definitely a unique experience. Definitely stressful, but memories I would not trade for the world. I want to thank every single person who was involved during the development of this project."

Previous OC ReMix arrangement albums include Donkey Kong Country 2: Serious Monkey Business, Mega Man X: Maverick Rising, and Sonic the Hedgehog: The Sound of Speed. One of their upcoming albums nearing completion is the highly anticipated, Kickstarter-funded Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin.

About OverClocked ReMix

Founded in 1999, OverClocked ReMix is an organization dedicated to the appreciation and promotion of video game music as an art form. Its primary focus is ocremix.org, a website featuring thousands of free fan arrangements, information on game music and composers, resources for aspiring artists, and a thriving community of video game music fans.


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