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To The Moon - "For River" (Uplifting Trance Remix)


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I'm really digging this! Great source from a great indie game.

Could just be my headphones, but I'm not hearing much low-end after the first minute or so. Lots of mids and highs, and not a lot of bass outside of the kick (which is cutting through crisply and beautifully, by the way).

I feel like the hit at 1:13 could benefit from some more resonance and reverberation. There's enough space around it to really make it shine and fill up the soundscape. The attack is a bit punchy, and the release perhaps too abrupt. The hit at 1:51 is much fuller, though I do like that the 1:13 hit is deeper and more subdued. Just an aesthetic suggestion.

The dynamic range is superb in the first 2 minutes, but from 2:12 - 4:55, there's sort of a "wall of sound" effect going on. There's a shift in filtering from 3:17 - 3:38, but I feel you could do something more pronounced, like a shift in dynamics, tone, instrumentation, etc. The more you play with that kind of duality, the more impact each section has. When you give your listener's ears a brief rest, they have a greater appreciation for your more energetic/intense sections when you ramp back up into them.

It sounds like a lot of care went into humanizing everything. The piano in particular emotes well as it crescendos in all the right places. Lots of nice filtering work going on throughout. Beautiful string voicing from 1:15 - 1:51. If you were going for "uplifting" (as the name would indicate), you nailed it. Thanks for sharing!

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