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Mega Man 3 - Just Say Gemini WIP (technodance)

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Whipped this up in the last little while; have most of the track elements and composition complete. Thought I'd put it up here for feedback. The last track I subbed was well composed and thought out but got rejected because of mixing, which is by far the weakest area of my production skills.

I think this one is mixed okay, but would like some tips. Like I said, im inexperienced and weak in that department. Is the track compressed well enough? Should it have more pump? Are the instruments EQ'd okay? Tell me!

Some other things I'm considering with this track:

- adding some toms to the percussion track.

- adding another hi hat to the mix / varying the hat patterns already present.

- dropping some of the glitch effects in one or two spots.

- adding another instrument to the main lead layer

- nudging the volume up slightly for the fun chorus toward the end. (3:01)

Mega Man 3 - Just Say Gemini beta

Enjoy the track, thanks for the feedback!

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