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House of Seasons (Temple of Seasons- LoZ OoS)


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  • 2 weeks later...

I listened to the source first and wondered how the heck you were going to turn it into a full-length remix without pulling in an additional source. (Well, as it turns out, you did quote the main LoZ fanfare just a little bit, but still, nice job on a limited, tricky source).

Stepping through it in real-time...

0:15-0:50, I feel, isn't evolving fast enough. Maybe I'm just impatient and this is a quality of the genre. I hear you added some percussive elements, but it's pretty subtle-- maybe too subtle. Similarly, 1:00-1:30 could use more variation in the third and fourth passes of the source loop, I think. The break-down is pretty sweet though.

1:30-2:00 is so very nice. Most impressive part of the remix, in my opinion. You really changed up the source and infused it with something original and interesting. But again, with the third and fourth pass of the source from 1:30-2:00, not much new happening in relation to the first two passes. 2:00-2:30 seems kind of flat to me (as a measure of "excitement," not tuning). The song kind of loses some energy there, because some instruments have exited, but nothing has come in to replace them. The percussion is still going as if we're still in the climax of the song, but with the subtraction of instruments in this section, it feels like we're sort of half-way ramping down rather than ramping up. From there it kind of fizzles away with the fade-out. I think there's an opportunity there to write a more interesting concluding section.

Over all, I think that the instruments work well together. The mix is crisp and clear. The concept is solid. My concerns are a lack of source usage in the first 50 seconds, the dynamic curve towards the end of the song, and a lack of variation within each group of four repeating phrases. All of that said, I enjoyed listening-- very appealing mixture of sounds. =)

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Well I agree with crypto on a lot of this stuff, although I'm not as concerned about source usage.

In fact, the only technical thing I think you should do is add some reverb on the snare hit, considering the ambience of what you've put together.

I really like this though. Good job!

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The first clap threw me off immediately. Sorry, it doesn't work. It comes in too quickly.

The bass at 0:07 is too low passed. Needs more presence in the 90-120Hz range. The ride at 0:30 is too mid-oriented, needs more treble.

The arp used is bleeding into itself with the excess delay and reverb that it has, as well as its plain timbre and overly long release.

1:29 is too sudden and needs a transition.

Leads are buried in the more drum-oriented sections. Snare-clap layers are missing low end punch. Kicks are missing a high end thwap or frequencies are clashing at 100-140Hz. Needs an ending.

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