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Nine-Volt Audio sale - worth it?

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So, Nine-Volt Audio is selling a big ol' package of loops for about $300, when they claim it'd otherwise go for about $2400. The demo sounds really good, and reviews from publications I trust (Computer Music, Sound On Sound, etc.) are pretty good. Has anyone else here ever used NVA's loop packages, and would you consider this a good deal?

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I signed up for their mailing list a couple months ago when they were giving away one of the libraries free to advertise the bundle and was hoping against odds that the bundle would be in the sub-$150 range when released. $300 still seems like a decent price to me, but I just don't use REX loops enough to justify the purchase. If you use loops a lot and the included loops look relevant to your musical interests (the collection seems very guitar-oriented), it could be worth it. The $100 MSRP for the individual libraries strikes me as a bit high, but again, I don't use REX loops much, so I'm not really sure what the REX market looks like.

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