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  1. Unfortunately I think I'm out, and for a colossally stupid reason: I have literally forgotten what source track I was going to remix. I remember thinking it was a nice idea at the time, and then I didn't write it down anywhere and I can't remember it anymore lol.
  2. I would love to do a Christmas tune for a second year in a row but that seems like an awfully big lift for me. ­čĄ¬ We shall see.
  3. Spectrasonics created a bunch of sample libraries way back in pre-Atmosphere days and Hans Zimmer guitars was one of them, and Mitsuda used it in this track. A lot of really old Spectrasonics stuff exists in Omnisphere.
  4. Found the one you're talking about! Yeah this is a dead ringer for the Chrono Cross guitar, and looks like it's from the Spectrasonics Hans Zimmer guitars, which probably predated Atmosphere.
  5. I am so pathologically opposed to being locked into a sound or genre that it's actually counterproductive when I come up with an idea and immediately scrap it because it sounds too similar to a style or feel I did in another song, even if the song itself would be completely different. I honestly wish I could dial it back somewhat.
  6. Happy to have been able to contribute this year!
  7. Don't want to jinx it but I might... might... have something done in time.
  8. I can't speak for Antares Autotune but with Melodyne you edit the performance using the editor window below. So you can slice up and pitch correct a vocal run in any way that sounds good vs being at the mercy of an algorithm deciding what to do. Now do you NEED this level of control to get the results of that MGS song? I have no idea.
  9. That is indeed pitch correction. Depending on what software you're using it might require manual editing to make it sound right. That MAuto only looks like it "auto tunes" so once you get the scale set you have limited parameters to adjust. Presumably Depth would be 100% and Speed would be the parameter to tweak to taste.
  10. Make it all Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy all the time.
  11. A year ago I built a custom desk. I've wanted to do this for a really long time, almost a decade. Back in the day I read Ikea hack websites where people did really cool stuff. That has always been my idea until a year ago when I watched videos on people building custom desks out of better material than particleboard. I got a solid wood countertop (ironically from Ikea lol), stained and finished it and bought a pricey motorized sit-stand frame to put it on. Built some stands for my monitors and speakers, and recently I built a pullout tray for my MIDI keyboard which freed up a ton of space on the desktop. Has undermounted smart LED strip because obviously you need that in a desk. All in all it has exceeded my wildest expectations of what I could accomplish with a custom desk build. Old desk that I used for a decade. Cheap and okay, and the dual tiers are nice, but problematic for holding large MIDI controller. The beast:
  12. I'm near Chicago. Working from home, will be working from home for the foreseeable future, and as far as hobbies goes I've gotten into woodworking the last year so that's what occupies most of my time. Sadly at the expense of music which I truly would like to make but I'm just obsessed with making projects in the shop. Being an introvert & also married + cat owner I have plenty of interaction in my normal day so I haven't gotten very stir crazy at all. I see my board gaming friends on occasion and play online games with some of them periodically. All in all I wish Covid wasn't a thing or the US handling of it so utterly shit but I'm making the best of it.
  13. Shit. I wasn't even aware of this. I haven't had much of a chance to start on my track cuz I've been busy with non-music projects lately, but I'm going to have to to think about this...
  14. Super lazy request here but could you embed links in the free tracks so I can go right to YT and listen to them?
  15. Ooh maybe a good one to try while I'm social distancing aka living my normal life.
  16. Oh my goodness I remember this, sad I was not able to ever get something going for this.
  17. Thanks man! I have a lot of other tracks posted here, check them out. Sadly have not produced any music in the last 5-6 years, I hope to remedy that some day.
  18. I tried the Discord and yeah it's just not for me. I feel like such an old man pining for the glory days of message boards.
  19. Hey there, I listened to these parts but they sound fine to me. Any distortion in this track is definitely intentional.
  20. You don't know my capacity for not following through on things.
  21. Sorry I couldn't produce anything for this. Blegh. Still absolutely terrible at getting any music whatsoever done.
  22. Same. I can almost guarantee I wouldn't be able to render ANY of my remixes anymore because of plugins I no longer have installed. I've completely rebuilt my production PC since my days of making remixes.
  23. Congrats guys! I might actually try to make and submit a track now.
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