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DMIX: Theme of Love (FFIV)

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This is a remix I made after I beat FFIV. I truly didn't care for this song at first but it's one of those compositions that gets stuck in your head. Nobuo Uematsu is a genius after all! I didn't really try to come up with an ending for it but I would like some advice for future remixes. Also, I got crappy headphones so the EQ probably isn't that good. Let me know what you think though, and advice and/or suggestions is ALWAYS recommended! :razz:

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First impressions:

- Why are you using YouTube to host a song?

- Your samples are pretty generic

- The cymbal crashes are unvaried and gratuitous

- The piano that comes in at 1:04 or so is thin and the arrangement of the piano part clashes with the plucked instrument.

- It's... a cover?

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First of all: Thanks for the replies and feedback. (It's surprisingly hard to get useful feedback. I usually always get "It's good" or "It's alright") so thank you for that!

-I put it on youtube because I view it as a testing ground. When I actually make something good I'll add it to my soundcloud. Though, if soundcloud is the preferred hosting site, I'll use that instead!

-I agree about the cymbal being overpowering and it kind of kills the song. (Something I noticed after listening to it again.)

-I also agree on the generic samples. I'm still trying to figure out sound quality and all that jazz so hopefully this will improve over time.

-Thank you for mentioning the piano part because that was something I was unaware of until you mentioned it!

-Empty space is something alot of my arrangements tend to have and that's something I'm working on as well. (To get a fuller sound without adding too much and overpowering the song.)

-Lastly, thanks again for the constructive criticism. This piece is kind of old and it's the first cover I've ever done. (I usually just create my own stuff...) I knew I came to the right community to get actual advice! lol

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