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Shreddage & Shreddage Bass now available for the free Sforzando plugin!

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Impact Soundworks is pleased to announce that our original, highly-acclaimed SHREDDAGE and SHREDDAGE BASS: PICKED EDITION sample libraries are now available for Plogue's brilliant Sforzando sampler!

These libraries have been widely used on KVR since their original release, but previously required Kontakt or the somewhat arcane LinuxSampler plugin. Now, with the excellent and FREE Sforzando plugin (32/64bit, cross-platform), you can enjoy fully-optimized versions of both libraries in your DAW - no commercial software required.

Shreddage SFZ Features

* Ultra-realistic 6-string electric guitar sound for heavy riffs

* Ideal for rock & metal playing

* Recorded clean - build your own tone

* Drop Ab tuning

* Up to 8x round robins per note

* Palm mutes, powerchords, aggressive sustains

* Vibrato, pinch squeals, neck slides, full chokes

* Stops, chordstops and fret/release noises

* Visual controls and MIDI CCs for tweaking instrument parameters

* Includes ReValver HPse and custom amp presets

Shreddage Bass SFZ Features

* Thick, easy-to-use bass sound for any genre

* Recorded clean

* Drop Bb tuning

* Up, down, and alternating strokes

* Up to 8x RR and 3x dynamics per note

* Open sustains and staccatos

* Muted sustains and staccatos

* True hammer-on and pull-off playing

* Visual controls and MIDI CCs for tweaking instrument parameters


Each library is available now for only $50 each as an instant digital download! You can read more, watch videos, and listen to demos at the links below:




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